A silver lining - Smoking victim, must read story!


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Re: My new auction - Any suggestions

How many watchers do you have? You have about 1000 hits so far.


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Re: My new auction - Any suggestions

I think your auction is doing pretty good so far, if you find out how to get more watchers let me know! I only have 8 watchers on mine and all those came in the first day, nothing since then : / I'm sure we won't get the money back that we spent on this one. I wouldn't get to discouraged if I were you, your's is getting alot of exposure and looks like it's at least growing steadily : ) I think it going good.
Re: My new auction - Any suggestions

Don't get frustrated over the # of watchers. My last auction ended with 14,484 hits but only 198 watchers. I think like mine, people might be popping into your auction mainly for the story. Be grateful that it has been spread to over 1,000 people. Let's hope that many of them were parents who sat down with their teens and read the story together. Good luck, your doing great already!


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Re: My new auction - Any suggestions

Angelspeak, you are right and thanks for putting it in perspective for me.
I did do a press release on it, which has gotten 15,000 hits in 10 hours time, so that is pretty good.
I just wasn't sure if there is something else I should be doing in the auction, of if maybe I am not wording things correctly to generate more interest.


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Well I finally hit the pulse with this one. Not the main pulse, but the Everything Else pulse which I'm happy about.
I'm sure it's thanks to a lot of members here who added me to their watch list and a special thanks to 1_ares_1 for add ing me into her auction.
I feel so bad for her that hers got cancelled.


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Oh how sad and important. I just added you to my watch list and I'm going to have all 4 of my children read your auction. What an important message. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Many Blessings, Pam
I just took another look at your auction and wanted to say "congratulations" your story has touched over 3,000 lives! Thank you for having the courage to share your loss with others. If you have saved just 1 life by helping someone to quit smoking, then it was well worth it. I will keep watching and hoping many, many more will read this and bid before it ends!