A sig I made really quick

I made this sig in about five minutes but to me for some reason it looks really classy.

What does FC fathful think.

The first one I made:



Sultan of Swat
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Personally I think it's your best yet. Also you say it only took you a few minutes, if your other sigs would like this, then they would look decent, good job and keep it up my friend.
I made this last night I never said it was my best but, I am saying for not really caring and just rushing on out it came out pretty good. I like and also that full link is not squashed at all I did not mess with that one's size at all!
Oh ok well its still the same all I did was cut 10 off each size. with the head picture I had to strech it out. The full one I did not have to Strech at all.


I like it.. nothing really bad.. simple gradient overlay and the text is really nice.. but I think its too big. but thats just me, im not a big fan of huge signatures, they dont seem proffesional IMO