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Weird A seriously wonky story


Registered Member
I did a quick scan of the news today - like always - to see if anything interesting happened (like WW3) and I found this story.
Russia 'forced marriage reporter Milashina flees Chechnya

Novaya Gazeta has been sued twice by Pugachyov and Kiriyenko for printing totally unsupported stories of massive corruption. In both cases there wasnt any evidence for the court to even consider. All the information was based on rumors.
If Milashina is working for that joke newspaper then she cant be a very professional journalist.

Chechnya's authoritarian leader Ramzan Kadyrov, a diehard loyalist of President Vladimir Putin, has in recent years outlawed the abduction of brides and underage marriage.
Although polygamy is banned under Russian law, reports say the Chechen leader is in favour of it.
So polygamy, abducting brides, and underage marriage are all illegal in Russia... and Chechnya IS part of Russia. If Kadyrov is in favor of polygamy then why did he ban it?

Also the journalist never gives a reliable source for her claims.
And why does the article even mention Putin? He is not Islamic and its well known that Muslims traditionally have forced marriages... and Chechnya is totally Muslim.
Well if the story is true then its not a political issue - Its a Muslim issue. And I know the department of justice will intervene since everything the journalist claims has happened IS illegal in Russia.



Free Spirit
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Sometimes corruption is hid so well a judge will never hear about it. Not saying this happened here but just because there is no evidence for a court to consider doesn't mean its not happening. Sometimes people get paid off too.

Sounds like he is against abduction and underage marriage but is fine with multiple wives. So maybe he was wanting a second bride. Maybe he did do what he is being accused of. Should be investigated.


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True but it needs to be reported with facts and not rumors. Thats the only way to really stop corruption.
Anyway if that girl really was being forced to marry that dude then the SK needs to get all over that (similar to the US FBI). That police officer can be arrested for trying to force a marriage and especially to an underaged girl. And I know even Putin would be at their backs. He doesnt condone Sharia law.

Serious investigative reports proved (with facts) that Putin either lied or he wasnt informed about the epic problems Russian farmers were dealing with this spring.
So yeah investigative journalism can work BUT only if its based on facts and not rumors.

And you are right. Its totally NOT easy to prove corruption - even when theres tons of it.