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Discussion in 'Ideas & Support' started by caringlady2, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. caringlady2

    caringlady2 Registered Member

    You never see any boards on any of these sites for charity auctions! There needs to be a board for people to post auctions that give 50% or more to auction! There are so many high level creative auctions out there that should also be support a cause! I mean a gum wrapper sells and no one but the seller gets anything from it? Just think of how much could have been raised if every off the wall idea that sold for hundreds or thousands had chose to just give 10% to a cause!

  2. nani1987

    nani1987 Registered Member

    hi I agree with you .... most of the forum know I have MS, and others have other problems but you are so right there should be something for different causes.. like heart diease, diabetities, altzelimers , ms, cancer, breast cancer,md etc.... so many out there.. and it is a shame some do spend more on useless items that they may or may not get.... but some auction that you see that are wacky and off the wall some do have a purpose and it does appeal to indivuals who just want to spend money on something............. to me I try to read the whole auction first I am known not to read everything which is a no no on my part... smacking my hand ok.... and i am not the best speller here either.......lol and I am a nite owl.............lol
    either way good idea
  3. caringlady2

    caringlady2 Registered Member

    Thanks I am supporting Autism with my auction! I am the single mother of 2 autistic boys. Great reason to support it! LOL

    I really just wish that the auctions that support a cause got half the attention the weird ones do. Thats why I have started a traveling item that 50% goes to charity! Maybe I will start a trend! The 50% profit from reauctioning should give incentive for people to want to help it travel and the other half will go for autism again and again!
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  4. doubles2004

    doubles2004 Registered Member

    Welcome to the site. Good luck with your auctions
  5. 1_ares_1

    1_ares_1 Registered Member

    I understand the frustration...but you also have to know that alot of people are doing auctions, both bizarre and quite common, to supplement their incomes. While it is your right to do a charity auction, it is their rights to pay the bills. Even though the sellers may have wacky auctions, this does not mean they don't need the money. Try to think of it as an art form even. If our work sells we get paid. Many times it doesn't and we don't. Please don't take this as a personal attack. It is in no way that. I saw your auctions and am watching for you.
  6. TGirl

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    I do hope that your auction does well...I hope that you do not get it pulled though for search manipulation...as you added traveling pants too.....but you only have a few days left!
    I am watching this item for you as well and I hope you get many more bids...sounds like a wonderful idea!!!

  7. caringlady2

    caringlady2 Registered Member

    As a single mom of 2 kids that need a great deal of time and effort to deal with I more than understand the need to earn money. Thats why my auctions are only 50/50. I need to make a buck or 2 off them as well. I'm net saying everybody needs to do all charity.

    My original quilt listing that should have ended on the 4th was pulled...had to relist it...I am crossing my fingers on the bear...I can't edit the title since it has bidders. If it gets pulled I will relist it with the title corrected. You live and you learn I guess.

    Oh and supplementing my income is why I came to ebay. Honestly I stopped working outside the house 2 years ago...I now stay home with my sons to give them the steady routine home life they need. I had struggled with finding a job with hours that allowed me be home with them when they needed me since my oldest was 2. They are now 15 and 11. We now get by on my oldest sons SSI and child support. It was not an easy decision for me to give up working but my oldest is now too old for day care and is not responsible enough to watch my youngest or stay alone. He also has a seizure disorder and I really had a tough time finding someone to watch him that wasn't afraid of his health issues.

    So I was hoping to make a little on ebay here and there.
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