A roleplay section

This forum should have a section where you can make a roleplay and you can play with other people, the roleplay could be about anything. It could be about WWIII, it could be a future war, it could be like live a normal life, it could be anything you can. For them each you could have a sign up sheet looking sort of like this depending on what the roleplay is

Race: (if alien or something)
Weapons: (For maybe a war)
Skills: (Special things that the character can do)
Bio: (A brief story on your characters past life)


Change the World
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Yeah, it's there...a bunch of us once tried to get an online game of D&D going through the site, but it's just too tough to coordinate. Not enough people interested, either.


Change the World
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Give it a try, and see who you can get on board...you never know!!!


I'm serious
Maybe if you guys try it again but keep it simple so that people who aren't gamers can also play and keep up?

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And thus starts a series of events that will get my hopes up, only to knock them down and burn them to the ground.

I may be already playing in a Warhammer session, but I would be willing to learn and host a D&D 4th edition game, provided no one has any objection to a newbie GM. I would need to know who is interested and when they'd be available to play.

I would also need to know exactly how everyone would prefer to play the game, but I'll wait and see who's interested in playing first.