A-Rod Can't do ANYTHING Right.

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by metsforever7515, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. metsforever7515

    metsforever7515 Registered Member

    To start off, everything this guy touches turns to crap, for examples:

    2005-Present: Yankees haven't gotten past ALDS
    2006: Team USA in the WBC finishes 8th
    2008: Divorce with wife; wasn't at second childs birth
    2009: Word comes out that he took steroids from 2001-2003
    2009: The Dominican Republic (for whom he doesn't even play a game) loses in the first round of the WBC, to the Netherlands nevertheless.
    2009: Alleged use of a prostitute

    This guy can't do anything right. Thoughts?


  2. Ryuk

    Ryuk Registered Member

    For starters change the subject line so that it's telling us something about A-Fraud that we DON'T know already.
  3. Unstoppable

    Unstoppable Registered Member

    Karma, all these bad things have stemmed from the steroid use, he chose to ruin his life in 2003, perhaps even earlier than that cuz I have a strong feeling we don't know the whole story yet, he could have been the GOAT without the juice, with it he is simply a goat, AROID deserves every bit of this, he chose his path and he's only apologetic because he got caught, he wasn't naive, he knew full well what he was doing, and I can tell u something he did get right, when he said he was naive he may have been wrong but when he said he was stupid he nailed it

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