A random thought.


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(Just a random thought of mine.)

There can't be cops without criminals,
there can't be doctors without the sick,
there can't be lawyers without injustice,
there can't be good without the bad,
there can't be truth without lies,
there can't be happiness without sadness,
there can't be memories without experience,
there can't be life without death,
there can't be success without sacrifice,
there can't be love without hate..

..you can do this all day long.
We need the very things we dislike in order to appreciate the ones we do.


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Well, I guess it depends on whether or not you are into Taoism or not. The ultimate example of the "balance" you wrote about.

But seriously? There can still be cops without criminals. They would just be bored. There's nothing explicitly preventing most of those things you mentioned from existing without their counterparts.


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Not meaning to turn this into a religion thread, but I'm a little curious as to your theistic beliefs?

I'm not entirely sure in some of them; they seem a little dubious in places. It is not impossible for the police to exist without criminals - it is merely improbable, given the natural violent tendencies of Humans (amongst other things). Pretty much the same could be said for doctors and lawyers.

Such things are not completely symbiotic and dependant on each other, either. While it's true that, for example, (real) memories require experience, experience does not necessarily equate memories. There's also the question of false memories, dreams, the imagination, etc.

I guess a lot of that is subjective to the individual mind though. :dunno:
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Taoism: Ultimate example of the "balance" I wrote about.
True, thanks Hybrix.

"I guess a lot of that is subjective to the individual mind though."

Thing is, wether such things are somewhat dependant of the other or not, I guess my mind (since it was a random thought after all) was referring as to how difficult it is to imagine a world nowdays were there is actually a cop who doesn't really have to do much since the world is in tip-top shape and everybody follows the rules, a doctor who excels in his practice of medicine but with no injured people around or unfortunate accidents, a lawyer who..well, you get the idea.

We are who we are and stand where we are today thanks to, mostly, all the events we may call as unfortunate, disaster or chaos that have happened during our lifetime here on Earth. Such unfortunate deaths by dangerous diseases pushes science to research the problem in order to find a cure. Unexpected or expected natural disasters remind us to be aware and ready for anything. Social chaos teaches us that there is a rule or set of rules we must live by so we can all communicate and peacefully coexist. Wether or not these teachings and reminders are of any use to anyone, they're still there, waiting for us to realize it and learn from them, as we learn from our mistakes.

Also, in the end I say: "We need the very things we dislike in order to appreciate the ones we do."

It is somewhat alike to the saying: "You don't know what you got until it's gone".

Why? It is alike in the sense that most people are not aware of, for example, how lucky they are to have a family, or how lucky they are to recieve an education, or how lucky they are to be alive and healthy.. and it sucks the fact that, in some twisted way, I believe, we actually need these "counterparts" in order to appreciate what we care about the most.

As of my theistic beliefs..
well, I don't have any per se.
I believe in the human spirit.


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I think that we need to question the way that we see an object before we can equate as to whether or not it depends on another object to exist.

First of all, i think that we need to question our vary notion of seeing something, and placing a name, an identity; once we can reverse that notion, then we can come to see this in a new light. (you may be sitting their going wtf mate? but it will all be answered shortly) First of all, what i mean by seeing an object, example: When i look at a mountain and decide that it is only a mountain, have i have placed an identity, the mountain can never be anything more then what i have pre-identified it to be. Or another example; A river per say, when i decide that river is going to be a source of water for my civilization, and that it can only be that. I'm not likely to care for it, maybe wake up one morning and be truly moved by it. It is only a source to me. it has no value. Now how do you revearse said thinking, well in all honesty i dont know, their might not be a way, it might just be an innane behavior that will never go away, will never change. and very possibly will doom our civilization.

but back to the question at hand:

Kurt Vonnegut portaid this in cat's cradle better then any auther i have seen, he says that the reason "Papa" has to be around is to provide the evil, so people follow bokinism. Vonnegut very cleaverly instills the idea that the evil in the world is followed with the good, so while some of your situations might not be true, in my mind good is = with bad, and vice versa.

" We need the very things we dislike in order to appreciate the ones we do."

What does it mean to dislike something? What if i think something is good and you think that same thing is bad? does that mean at the very same time that you hate something i like it?

In my mind, we do need things that we dislike, but i don't think the word dislike justifies the things that we might need. I originally was going to say that dislike should be things viewd as unethical, but that leads back to the very same problem that i had with dislike.... So i have decided that the word best replacing dislike is like.

whoo... what just happened.

" We need the very things we like in order to appreciate the ones we do not like."

does that change anything? i don't know, but in my mind it changes the target of the question, instead of saying that we need bad things, it's saying that we need good things in order to have bad things?

Humm, this was probably a lot of nonsense that just spewed out of my mind, but i hope that it at least made you think.


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why is it that compulsive liars usually tend to develop addictions, what type of personality disorder have these types of people got also whats the greatest knowen cause , can anyone tell me I'm just trying to figure somone out....
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I'm not quite sure about people who compolisvly lie, but i know that mass killers are typically found to be using more of their brain at one time then an average person is.