A quick poll about sub-talk.

Should posts in ST be added to our total post count?

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Hell, It's about time!
Should posts in ST be added to our total post count? Currently they are not, I mean after all they are posts, regardless of what they are.

I can't see why it's such an issue to "inflate" your posts by posting in ST... if you are active, you are active. If you post regardless of where, it should count towards your post totals. All posts should count IMO... I'd for one be interested to see how many posts I really do have in all sections.

Lets put it to a vote. Should ST posts be counted to our overall post count or not?


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I think so. I feel like I avoid sections of the forum that don't count posts. Not on purpose, really. Just sub-consciously.


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People spam ST. There is no character limit so technically somebody could reply to thousands of threads with "." and they'd have a postcount of a few thousand posts. Is that really fair?

As for the "There are quality threads in ST" argument. Well, nobody forced the person to start the thread there. It probably could have been in GD or somewhere else if that's the case. ;)


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I'm somewhat mixed about it. On the one hand, I'm posting on the website anyway, and GF even keeps a record of how many posts and threads are in this section (current total, Threads: 5,749 / Posts: 106,277). On the other hand, people like me could come up with "I've gone fucking loco" bullshit posts all-day long, or come out with spam spam spam, and have it added to their post count.
I think it's fine how it is. I like that I can spam the random thought thread and not feel guilty about it counting the posts. You're right, a post is still a post, but not always contributing to anything.


Hell, It's about time!
No, and I'm starting to think there should be a limit on posts per day.
Why do you think that? I'm curious. My thought is if you are active and have over a certain post count... (lets say 1000) All posts regardless of section should count towards your total post count.

I really see no reason what so ever why they shouldn't count... so what if they inflate your post count? I could inflate my post count by making 10 threads in MT or GD.


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Nah, it shouldn't, leave it how it is. ST is just the spam forum. Nothing really matters there.

But then again, Post count doesn't really matter either. I'm voting no, but it doesn't botehr me a great deal.