A Question


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I was discussing the orginal six teams earlier tonight with the b'ys and I asked a question that seemed to stumble the whole works of em , Would the NHL function with only the orginal six teams in the NHL? Personally I don't think so. But the markets are the biggest in the NHL in Detroit , Toronto and Montreal but I don't think it could last. People say it would because of the fact that back then they played hard each game and you were familiar with each team and you could grow to like the game. But I disgaree. I think that we would forget a lot of talented players in the NHL and they would be overlooked and probably play in some European league which I will talk about in a second , And they would lose a lot of money. As well the AHL would fail and the CHL because they would not be able to produce as many draft picks to the game.

I mentioned about the Russian and Swedish leagues and with them the NHL has to be careful. I hear that some TV companies show the games over in the States and some parts of Canada and if this is the case I think we will lose a big part of the game. People will find more teams and a greater varietry of teams and players over there and then they would look at that league more so then the NHL. As well the CHL draws a big crowd to the TV which then turns a lot of families to the game. A lot of people watch NHL because their family plays for a team and they enjoy that. But if we took out just about all the players in the game for sure we'd lose quite a few people that would severly damage the revenue that would be brought in by the NHL.

That and the fact that a lot of the money that the NHL brings in now is because they went to new places and tryed things there and they worked. With expansion came such teams as the Sabres and The Flyers who both soled out all games this year. Money for the NHL and big time bucks , If there was no team there would be no money from those teams and with the way the NHL is spinning now they are lucky to have the funds they have as little as they might be.

One more thing before I sum up , Back awhile ago the game was about more then the money being brought in. It was the love over a game that brought so many people together and sat them down in front of the TVs every week discussing the latest game or whatever the case might be. It was not about the money and today if those teams were around we would not have the fans we at once did because the game is not as fun for people anymore. We see too much violence in the games because of jerks like Simon or Janssen and there would be no NHL with no money.

So to answer my own question no I do not think the NHL would last today with only the orginal six teams because its just impossible to generate the money that the teams combine to produce and as well there are too many other big markets that would just take fans from the NHL and take them to another league. That and the game is no longer about fun its about money and how much a team or a player has. Sad really if you think about it , The game that Canada put on the map and used to symbolize who and what we are is being sold out from under our noses everyday.