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A question about flaunting


aka ginger warlock
Recently a work freind has got togeather with a girl, I won't mention names for their sake but all I have heard for the last week is what he plans to do with her etc, as a result on a male dominated work enviroment he and a load of others have been discussing it a lot, everything from how easy it is to put her into positions to the dicussion of an orgy. I tend not to get involved mainly because it bores me but does it bore or bother you when freinds come up to you and say things like "ohhh mate I get a well good shag last night!" or "you should have seen the size of him!", do you feel it is something that should be discussed so openly and loudly or something a but more personal? I appriciate people want to talk about it but when people do I ofton think "have you really got nothing better to talk about? are you that shallow?"


Registered Member
I love to joke about sex in generic terms. However, I'm much more private about my personal experiences.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I am not shy to talk about sex in general just not about us having sex, lol. Personal experiences are more quid pro quo thing and only with people I'm close with.