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Just wanna say I feel totally stupid writing this. But to be honest I kind of need help, and yeah so here it is....

Okay so my problem is, my family and a lot of my friends think I have a drinking problem, and yeah they’re right. I do drink way too much, like an unhealthy amount. I’ll stay up drinking late and I’ll start drinking early, never before work though. I only work 3 shifts a week though (another reason why I have no money). And I like drinking on my own, in my flat or just going to a pub on my own, I mean I’m considered a regular, along with the old men who go in there in the afternoon. I always thought they were sad. Oh well. So yeah I do have a slight drinking problem, but I’m not going to admit that. See I’m not one for talking about what’s going on with me, I don’t like opening up to people, and everyone knows that. And the past few months, a lot of crap has happened, and people know that there’s no point in asking if I’m okay, because I’d just push them away. So yeah my drinking has gone a bit crazy at the moment.
See my parents let us drink at early ages, so we would be ready when we were old enough to drink. Only like cider, alcopops and babycham (best drink ever) but they wanted us to know about it, which is a good idea I think. But yeah I wasn’t allowed out to town until I was sixteen, which I didn’t do until I was sixteen. But yeah I’ve never really been good with alcohol. I still get drunk after like 3 pints of cider, or four alcopops. Of course it doesn’t really help how quick I drink, like socially. When I go out, most people spend around £20 but me I usually spend £30-£35. Hence the no money situation.

So yeah I’m telling you guys, because you don’t know me. You can’t see me. I’m actually in pain at the moment, my stomach hurts. I’ve stopped eating because I’ve got no appetite and I’m having to just eat something small in front of my sister, so she can see I am eating. So yeah my stomach is just so painful and that just adds to the shit that’s going on, which means, more drink. I’m also not sleeping much. It’s pathetic, and I feel totally stupid, and I can see what my sister and my friends think. But I actually can’t stop. My sister asked for me to give up alcohol for a month, to wait until her birthday. I can’t remember a day where I haven’t drank for a good while. Her not drinking means more alcohol for me, she even hid the bottles I had at one point, but I just went out and bought more! It’s so stupid. I don’t think I could go without it, I like it too much.
Has anyone on here had a drinking problem? If so how did you deal with it? Because I do need to cut down, only good side to it is, I’ve lost some weight! And to me, that seems like a good reason to carry on.

BLAH. I feel silly, may go and hide now. Might not even come on here again! hehe


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You know that if you don't stop, it's going to kill you, right? it will.

My grandfather died when he was 55, he drank every day, and never ate. He died a painful death, liver disease and I believe he had some stomach problems as well.

Another cause of death in alcoholics is a ruptured esophagus. You don't hear much about it, but it sounds pretty painful, doesn't it?

Excessive drinking can also cause seizures.

Find help. Don't hide behind "I don't talk about what's going on" because that's a bullshit excuse to keep drinking.

It's also bullshit that you "can't" stop. You can do whatever the hell you want to do. If you want to stop bad enough, you can. It's as simple as not picking up that first drink. JUST DON'T DO IT.


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You really do need to stop.

Excessive drinking kills your kidneys and then your body won't be able to filter blood, I know a guy that had to get a liver transplant. (The liver is also killed by drinking a lot) he said that it was one of the most gruelingly painful things that he had ever experienced, you definitely need to stop.

Eventually drinking becomes expensive, then when you need surgery it gets even more expensive.


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Okay so yeah i could stop if i wanted to. But I dont want to.
My parents were here the other day, and they said that if i dont cut down they're taking me back home where they can keep an eye on me. Good reason to stop drinking I think.

I know that excessive drinking is bad for you, its not rocket science. But I guess i think that would never happen to me. I know thats bullshit. My uncle died very young of drink problems, i'm not sure exactly what happened, i was very young and never asked about it.

I know that it is pathetic, but I dont deal with stuff very well. This is how I deal with stuff. sad, i know.

Yeah my sister got me this leaflet about an AA meeting, she kind of left it around the flat in hope that i would find it. I really am thinking about it. Maybe moving back home wouldnt be that bad....