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A pots & pans auction gone horribly wrong


New Member
Does anybody remember that ebay auction where the seller was getting rid of some pots and pans. Doesnt seem like a big deal right. Upon closer inspection, you could see the sellers naked body in the reflection of one of the pans. It was disgusting but quickly became internet famous. Rediculous.


Wanna play?
I thought it was a tea kettle? Either way, OMG what an idiot, as if they didn't know?;)


Secret Agent
Staff member
I wonder if this was done on purpose? Probably. If not then I'm sure it was quite embarrassing once pointed out to them. :D

How long ago was this? I never heard about it until now.


Registered Member
I want to say that it occurred in '02. Turns out that the guy did it on purpose, and has done it on other occasions. Some sort of fetish deal with having themselves indecently exposed in pics? Odd.


what? no pink?
Angel is right it was a teakettle. I remember it well cuz I remember thinking he had to have done it on purpose, when you upload the pic you would have had to see it. :shake:


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Now I want to die...

I'll put this link in a spoiler so nobody clicks it by accident..


Luckily the picture wasn't THAT revealing but you can definitely tell what you are looking at.