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    i'm not sure i should put it here... but anyway... i made a poem... just wanted to share.
    I make my hurried way across the street
    Past blurring cars and through the multitude
    Of men with an uncaring attitude
    The potholed pavement hot against my feet

    The muted chaos all around is daunting
    No face to see that’s not with indignation
    I struggle to deny this revelation
    Yet know inside I’m guilty of accusing

    Immediately, I leave the thought unminded
    No point in feeling hopeless and dejected
    Yet I cannot help being disappointed
    In once a nation strong and undivided

    I quickly run toward the nearby park
    Where I can clear my head from thoughts so grim
    Where patterned stepping stones lie still and prim
    And flora saturate my heart so stark

    Among the blooming hyacinths and roses
    A standout lily catches my attention
    Surrounded by both beauty and commotion
    Intoxicating in nostalgic doses

    Quite captivating is its sweet aroma
    Enthralling is its elegance and splendor
    Its leaves they animate with guided vigor
    The cool breeze wafting forth profound charisma

    It strikes me that a single tender bud
    Could make so great a change of mood in me
    Gone now are all the thoughts of anarchy
    Replaced by peacefulness that cools my blood

    I take a closer look and see more clearly
    The patterned veins that creep across the petals
    The silky spider webs that hang like medals
    The tiny cuts and little tears aplenty

    Yet past the minute flaws there’s something greater
    A sentiment transcending plain attraction
    I get a sudden pang of deep emotion
    For something rarely noticed as a flower

    I lightly give the modest bloom a kiss
    And lo, a splendid miracle behold!
    In majesty its marvels all unfold
    It radiates relentless, endless bliss

    Before my eyes I see it grow more gorgeous
    From simple prominence to grand perfection
    Abandoning the immature rendition
    Emerging stalwart, disciplined, tenacious

    In love and witty passion I leave carefree
    A lightened heart and joyous soul I carry
    I only pray it does not overwhelm me
    Indulgent how that lovely scarlet lily

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    hahahahahahaha, lol.
    well, well done for writing a poem!

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