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A Poem


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Just a poem I wrote:
On March 11, 2005, I had heart surgery.
When I walked through those hospital doors, I was scared but I had friends who were there to comfort me.
We said a prayer, talked and watched t.v.
During the prayer, I heard that they were paging me.
‘Dr. Duong, you have a call on line one was what they said. (I am not a doctor)
All I can picture was the doctor operating on me in my head”
It was time for me to have the operation done.
I sat in the wheel chair and said goodbye to everyone.
They administered the anesthetic and I was feeling sleepy.
Lights out, the doctor will be operating on me.
I woke up in intensive care
I looked around and saw my mom there.
I was still kind of drowsy
And had all these tubes sticking out of me.
I really couldn’t sleep that night so I was watching t.v
And the nurse came in constantly checking up on me.
I was going to be moved to another room
And the nurses said they were going to remove the tubes from me soon.
They yanked the tubes off me
From red to blue is all I can see.
I was finally moved to another room in the hospital
Before the nurse left the room, she made sure I was comfortable.
I was happy when some friends and family members came to visit me.
We just talked about the operation and of course watch t.v.
I walked around the hospital in my Homer Simpson Slippers
And I got alot of looks from patients, nurses and doctors
The hospital food wasn’t really good.
I told my mom to bring my some food from McDonald’s if she could.
A few days later, I get to go leave the hospital.
Thank goodness because I was sharing the room with some annoying people.


Wanna play?
Wow dragon, that's really nice, thanks for shaing it!
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