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Your starting a new franchise and you get the 1rst overall pick of any player in the Major Leagues. Who would be the first player you'd pick to build your team around? You have to pick an active a player, and it can be a player at any position.

I want some reasons why you chose that player. If you only name the player and nothing else your message will be deleted.
Derek Jeter

There are a couple of reasons. I know that he's not the best player out there, he's not a homerun hitter, and really he's not that outstanding of a hitter. (He's a GREAT hitter, but not a fantasy draft top pick)

However, as far as team building, he's ideal. He has one of the best work ethics in the bigs, he's a great guy, has an intense desire to win EVERYDAY, he has experience, and he has the ability to motivate his team. Even when people are doing bad you never see him in the media talking bad about them. He'd be the ideal captain of a team.


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Great selection, here's mind.

Vladimir Guerrero, personally I think he's one of the top players in this league, he's a five tool player, which means he can hit for power, hit for average, steal bases, play good defense, and can throw people out. The only downside of him is that he doesn't speak english to well, so you don't consider him a leader on the team, he wont be someone that will rally the troops, but he lets his play do the talking which is great. I personally would select Vladdy has my first choice. He does everything.


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Justin Morneau. He has the skill to be a top hitter in the game and he really proved that this season and while he might still only be young he has proven that he has skill at the plate and I think we can all say that he has some good fielding ability and its only a matter of time before he is really among the top players in the MLB and for sure one of the best players on the Twins. They have a good young guy with him.


Derek Jeter or Johan Santana.

Jeter is a great team player, a leader on the field and sometimes off the field, inspires the young guys, hits for power sometimes but rarely K's, is always on base, etc. Jeter plays his heart out all the time.

Santana is a great young pitcher who nearly won the Triple Crown for pitching last year. He's a young stud.


No love for Albert Pujols? He's putting up Joe Dimaggio type numbers in his first six seasons in the bigs.


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Its hard to choose between a pitcher or a hitter but I think that a hitter would be best off. After guys like Morneau , Pujols and Ortiz are gone I think a good choice could also be somebody like A-Rod or Soriano would be good. Both are amazing players and could really provide a spark for whatever team they play for.

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I might take Francour if, and only if, I couldn't get Pujols. Francour has a huge upside as a hitter, and will no doubt be a multi gold glove winner before he ends his career.



I agree with Hoosier that one of the young Braves might be the way to go, but I would go with Brian McCann myself. He's proved to be a more disiplined hitter than any other of the younger guys so far, and he's an incredible catcher both mentally and in terms of skill behind the plate. I also like the idea of picking a catcher because they're the ones calling the entire game. Everyone else follows the catcher's lead.