a person walked up



This happend a few weeks ago im in books a million talking with a friend, soloman-thats his real name-guy has it hard his parents are kkk members and he hates them for it and he also has a recesive disease that could be fatal all in all his life is about as screwed up as mine is. So im talking about a person who and im being fair to him and not being as harsh as i could be and refer to this person-not solomon-and refer to his actions as absurdly stupied-now at this point some young lady in her 20-30 comes up and says great one keep it up-and solomon and I just look at her as she leaves and go what was that about then the next person next to us asks whats that about -i reply i don't know

this is right up there in the hall of weird stuff that happens to me on a regular basis like finding 3 pound sledge hammer on the side of the road as im biking home

or finding 3 small-to medium size knives in varous places over the course of a year


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No offense chaos, but this is not really humor seeing as it's just kind of random . . . and you know what random means . . . SUB-TALK!
-commas are your friend
-logical arrangements of words to form coherant sentences is your friend
-if you talk like that in real life i'd imagine you have few friends


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All I got out of it was he has a friend named Soloman that's messed up because he has a disease and his parents are members of the KKK and some lady walked up to them and made a comment. Hardly worthy of a thread, even in sub-talk.



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My maternal relatives have more interesting ties to the aforementioned characteristics, but I prefer to keep that stuff off the internet.