A 'not so easy' decision..

You’re a non-believer. You’ve spent your entire life firm in your stance that God does not exist. After all, Darwin was a pretty clever fellow and made loads of sense with his theories of evolution, right?
Now, there you are, doing nothing more than minding your own business as you go about your normal day-to-day activities. You happen to stop at a quaint café for a break when you are joined at your table by an odd little fellow. What he offers has the potential to change your life, your eternity, forever.
This man has just offered you a million dollars to sell him your soul. He can prove the money is available, and is holding a strange glass jar. (presumably to capture that essence he is willing to pay so much for) You’ve spent your whole life thinking you’d have no one but yourself to answer to in the end. Now, here is this man offering to pay you for something you never thought existed.

What do you do?


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If a person doesn't believe there's such a thing as a soul, selling it would mean nothing to them. Finding out later that they were wrong will be too late (since they presumably did sell their soul).
Now it might occur that this non believer would suddenly stop to consider the whole idea of someone wanting to buy their soul, that there might be a possibility to its existence, and then based on that uncertainty they will not agree to sell, but they most likely won't go any further to find out the truth... all my opinion
That's what has me curious. Whether or not someone would change their view on God if something like this occurred?

Guess I should have put that in the OP. Drrrrr


i'm not sure what you mean by this thread ... but i don't think it's worthy to sell your soul even for all the money of this world.
i'd have to believe there would be some evil in him [btw the "evil" word has become really famous around these threads, latelyl lol]

the idea is scary. i would reject it.
ok. you made another post. i'd have to add i don't need to change my idea about God [i do believe in Him] and i'm quite happy with this idea.

even if i didn't believe it, i'd keep the same attitude.
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I dunno, that's such a hard situation. I'd probably ask him a bunch of questions about it first.

More to the point, if there is such a thing as a soul, I wouldn't believe it can be carried away in a glass jar. But ok ok, hypothetically, no I probably would not take the money. I'm not a believer in God but I'm also open to all possibilities, and as much as I can think none of that exists, I would love for it to (the soul, not God). So I most likely wouldn't want to risk it, contrary to what Boredie said.

Maybe if I was extremely poor and had nothing left, I would do it. Maybe. But as it stands, no.


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Not believing in God is not the same as not believing in the soul. I believe there is some essence to my being that I can't quite measure or understand but that's because I'm overly poetic in my sentimentality, not because I fear a magical floating murderer in the sky. I would not take his money because no matter what ethereal bank that soul would be deposited into, I would not want my "essence" to leave my own possession.


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I'm pretty sure I've already offered people my soul in exchange for tangible goods, and would jump at a chance to "sell it" for a million bucks. In fact, I think eBay banned the selling of intangibles because people were selling their souls and the such.
It's probably worth pointing out that I don't believe in souls, and find it even more outlandish to think such a thing could be transferred through a verbal contract (or some magics involving jars, as the case may be).
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My friend supposedly has a collection of multiple souls, including one time where he got like 3 people's souls for one penny (they didn't actually take the penny, or dropped it, or whatever, so he just reused it).


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Assuming that my character does not believe in God, as stated, would make me think that I do not believe in souls either. So I don't see myself having a problem with it. When one is "firm" on a belief such as that of Evolution, it is difficult to change that belief simply based on one event.

I know several people who believe there is no God and that science is truth. From my experience (and I do not speak for everyone when I say this), those people tend to stick to what they believe in. I am not saying all, I am saying those that I know.

However, I do believe in souls, and I would have a problem. I don't feel that one's soul has any value to anyone else. I do not see why someone would seriously want to give me money for something that is really of no use to anyone but me.

Aaaaand the unorganized nature of my response is proof that I should not wake up and immediately try to answer a question like this. Lol.
Well, even if you are religious, you realize that God made your soul and is therefore the owner of said soul, being that you are not the OWNER of said soul any contract you make with the 'devil' persay is invalid.

Yeah, I would sell it in a heartbeat for a million bucks, because far more than just 'darwin' I am 100% certain that there is no such thing as god.