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A Newbie's Collection


Registered Member
Hi Everyone. I collect McDonalds Happy Meal toys. My mom started me off in high school (they'll be worth money someday, she said). So, I have a big 'ole rubbermaid tote full of them. I even saved some boxes (remember the Super Mario 3 happy meal?). I look at them once every year or so now. I do not actively collect unless I'm at a garage sale and see one still in the wrapper. I've thought about selling, but I think I'll just save them for my son. Maybe by then there will be worth more and I'm sure he'll get a kick out of them.

I also collect all things Bald Eagle. I used to collect figures, but now I have so many that I had to quit. I just look for different things now. The latest thing I bought were a pair of Bald Eagle binoculars. My son tried them on in the store and they were too cute to pass up. Hmm...that pic may be a good one for my avatar....