A new type of rep?


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I just recently got a blue colored rep. I thought everything was either green (positive) or red (negative). What's blue?


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There's a blue rep tonight? Maybe it gives Superman a four-hour erection. Wait, no, that's blue kryptonite.

No, I don't know, Wade. First I've heard. But wannit.

Somebody blue me!


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I know there's a greyish type of rep that you receive from someone who doesn't have a big rep power (mostly newbies). It almost looks like a neutral rep because of the value.


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Yer possibly people like me...it means squat lol

But the thoughts there hahahaaaaaaa


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As a noob, I only got the chance to positive rep. I don't know if that makes a difference or not. I can give negative rep now, and I heard that there is a neutral rep you can give, but I haven't seen that yet.


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There wouldn't actually be much point in giving "neutral rep", what's the use in declaring your indifference to a post? Ysabel must be right.
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