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A New Superman?


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It's going to be tough to picture a different actor from Christopher Reeves playing the Man of Steel, but I guess it had to happen (well, obviously since he's no longer with us) ... saw the trailer for the new movie and it looks pretty good - but with a different Lois Lane too ... gonna be tough. The storyline looks a little more believable IMHO.


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I'm going to have to save my opinions for when the movie comes out, but I think it may be a good movie.


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Staff member
Has anybody seen it yet? I've heard mixed reviews so far so I will most likely wait for DVD. I definitely plan to see Pirates 2 on Friday though. :D


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Yes, I have seen the new Superman and I have to say that it a great movie. The guy that plays the main character looks a lot like Christopher Reeve.


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i saw it the other day.

thought the movie was alright. didn't live up to the hype [ kept hearing that it was really good ]. saw the movie not knowing any of the story [ of the movie, i'm a fan of the Superman Animated Series ] or reading any of the reviews. although i heard a few minor spoilers from watching TV, they weren't that big of a deal but were still quite annoying to hear.

i'd give it like a 3.8/5
+ would watch it again if someone paid for my ticket
- wouldn't buy/rent the DVD
- wouldn't pay to watch it


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i'm waiting for the DVD to come out but i thought it looked awesome. btw andrew i did see Pirates 2 and thought it was great (5/5) :) . hope to hear your opinion.