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A new rule...


Creeping On You
No making me laugh for a few days. Apparently I have a hernia, and apparently I've had it for longer than I thought, and apparently it decided to get worse. My intestines are spilling into my scrotum and laughing squishes my balls. So stop making me laugh!

Also, on a side note, possibly going for surgery tomorrow or not too long after that. Lets hope they don't miss with the scalpel :(

Also, of course the day I gotta show the doc my wiener, it's a black doctor.


Lion Rampant
It'll go great, I'm sure. Here's a nice sunset picture to calm you and take your mind off things.



Creeping On You
lol. shoulda been a chinese doc.


Registered Member
Man up ~LoL~
And you might wanna change your mood thingie temporarily....ROFL that much, will surely be worse on you :)
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