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A new person! Kill!


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Hello, I'm Gamechamp, famous throughout half a message board you've never heard of! I was just looking around on a website, which had a page about how a guy unwittingly bid $5000 for an e-mail saying how to get a 360 for free on e-bay. Which, ofcourse, is completely pointless after already paying $5000 on what he thought WAS a 360. Then, I searched e-bay to see if I could find any more things like that, because there had been multiple times shown on the site, and I found an item which was advertising space on here. So, I checked it out and unknowingly found that what I thought was probably a scam, turned out to be some cool forums with a cool contest.


My, that's a rather long way to say hello.


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Yep, hopefully our auction doesn't come across as misleading. We aren't out to trick anyone.

On that note, did you hear of the people who sold "XBOX BOX" on ebay? Same situation as the one you found. The winning bidder got the box that an XBOX came in, but no XBOX. :(

There are also people all the time selling pictures of things, but making people thing it's the real item. I saw some 360 "pictures" going for several hundred, and a while back I saw a bunch of Game Boy Advance "pictures" selling for a lot too. It all started with "Big screen TV, Great picture" a few years ago. Someone went to jail for that one though. They sold a lot of pictures for a few thousand each... :(

Anyway, welcome. Hope you like it here. :)


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Welcome, and I hope we can do anything possible to make you feel welcome at our place.