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A Mother's Worth...


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Just a little news article I read awhile back. Thought I would find it again and share with all the mothers and fathers out there :)

What's a Mother's Work Worth?

This was a short article in my May 2002 Family Circle

A Whopping $641,900 annually, according to the 2001 Mother's Day Study conducted by Edelman Financial Services. Last year mother's earned a $64,800 raise, say Ric Edelman, study designer, financial and author of Discover the Wealth Within You (HarperCollins). The pay scale is derived by totaling the average salaries of 17 occupations that a multi-tasking mother performs during the course of a year, including executive chef ($64,800) child-care worker ($15,400)
psychologist ($47,000), housekeeper ($14,600) and management analyst ($56,500) and animal caretaker ($17,200). How does mom's salary measure up against other well-known head of the house-The White
House, that is? The President of the United States earns $400,000 per year-less than the projected salary for mothers. Then again, the president probably doesn't have to cook or take care of the pets.

By Margaret Jaworski


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I definitely agree! I am a school psychologist so I am off during the summer. This summer my 2 year old and I are together pretty much always (except for today - he is at Grammy's so I get a few hours on the computer). It is a tough but rewarding job. I give stay at home moms a lot of credit!