A moment of honesty in politics?

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by SmilinSilhouette, Mar 18, 2010.

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    At least it's a nice thing that the guy admits that he had done something wrong, that is the kind of thing I really want in a congressmen, the ability to admit to his own mistake.
  3. FindMuck

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    omg one democrat did a bad thing they must all be EVIL! (because no republican has ever done anything like that LOL)

    At least the democrats admit when they do wrong.

    Furthermore this doesn't have anything to do with healthcare and this man is not one of the people who drafted the bill, so...

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    Eh, at least if he retires then he can hold his head up on that note. I suppose.
  6. FindMuck

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    Because they're in bed with the Cheney administration and only read an coulter...you do know about the tea party right?

    I know I'm right, and this story is an example of how I'm right.
    It said DEMOCRAT and then "them" not "WASHINGTON" and then "them" so its pretty clear by context that he's talking about democrats. You do know how to read right...
  7. CaptainObvious

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    OMG, the irony:lol::lol::lol::lol:

    No moron, how could anyone come to the conclusion the OP meant meant NO Republican has ever done anything wrong? How does this mean ALL Dems are evil? (Speaking of reading comprehension):lol:

    You are? Did Bill Clinton admit to wrong doing? How about Charles Rangel?

    The OP didn't say Democrat, the OP said "folks", which means ALL of Washington.
  8. FindMuck

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    You don't see him posting a thread about how the tea party people were harassing the guy with parkinsons do you. Nope, you don't. Exactly.

    What Bill Clinton did "wrong" had nothing to do with politics anyway...

    And the video was about democrats he ever said anything about all Washington "folks" did he. Therefore hes only talking about Democrats. See what I mean about reading comprehension...
  9. Sim

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    At any least, it's very hard to read postings about American politics with the topic of the failure of a Democrat, and NOT assuming the poster intended to smear the Democrats alltogether.

    Fox News, Glenn Beck and the likes have made an olympic discipline of partisan smears, and as cheap as it is, it seems to have become mainstream to blame the failures of a single party member on that party in general, among a certain significant demographic in America (at any rate, among a certain demographic of political internet posters). And coming from the poster it did makes it even more likely to reach this association.

    So I don't think FindMuck is to blame here. Maybe SmilinSillouhette can explain to us what he thinks this implies for the Democratic Party in general, if it does at all? Looking forward to a reply.

    As for my personal view on that topic: I believe neither party relevant in the US is free from mistake, neither is any party of both to blame for failures of individual members. And I think everybody who isn't naive beyond recognition beyond belief will agree.

    I am honest dirsturbed, though, that a significant portion of the American right seems to consider the Democrats and Obama devil incarnate just for the allegedly "socialist" plan to enact a semi-public health care plan, and even compare him to Stalin, Hitler, Mao or anybody of the like because of alleged "big government" -- while at the same time, the same people give the Republicans a free pass, a party that since the Bush government consists of an alliance of big government people (first the neocons: former Trotzkist communists, who broke with communism in the 40s, sided with New Dealers then, and finally converted from Dems to Reps in the 60s and 70s when they disapproved of the new progressive movement, but always remained supporters of big government and militarism -- and second, the theocons, religious fanatics whose personal hobby is to restrict individual freedom through government).

    Where were these "small government" supporters, when Bush's horrible violations of the most basic human rights were put through -- extralegal renditions, kidnapping of people, internment and denial of fair trials and defense? These measures without any doubt have restricted the individual freedom of people hundred times more than any health care plan, and put America at the brink of tyranny a thousand times more than anythink Obama even attempted to contemplate about.

    No person who claims to be in favor of small government, and remained silent when the Bush government did all that, has ANY RIGHT WHATSOEVER to complain about Obama now. They should all shut the f*ck up, go into the corner and dwelve in shame about their dishonesty and partisanship, that has allowed Bush to bring America as close to tyranny as no President ever before.
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