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A modern-day Love Story


The Super Pimp of GF
This is very uncharacteristic of me butI wrote a love story here is my attempt at being romantic

“A Modern-Day Love Storyâ€Â
Dan grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere in a small state in the Northeastern United States. Throughout all his childhood he had a huge crush on a girl named Alicia. He was beautiful with dirty blond hair and hazel eyes that made Dan melt every time he looked into them. They had only gone to Kindergarten together and Dan may have not seen much of her but he looked forward to every weekend at church when he would be able to catch a glimpse of her. Alicia never seemed to pay any attention to Dan and from his perspective she didn’t even know he existed. Dan went through his elementary and middle school years still having a huge crush on her but only saw her once a week and never spoke to her.
High school came and Dan started to build confidence in his ability to talk to her and maybe to get her to like him. He was so excited for a weekend of church because there was going to be a social afterwards and he would make his move at the social. When he got to church he looked around and didn’t see her but he saw her mother sitting alone in the pew. He was crushed because he had prepared so far in advance in order to ask her out and he wouldn’t have a chance. Weekend after weekend her mom would show up and she never did. Freshman year went by and he didn’t see her but he constantly thought about her.
Sophomore year came and it was time for the Confirmation retreat. Dan was not very excited to go because he hated the camp away type things and he thought he would have a terrible time. He at first began to have loads of fun and met up with friends he hadn’t seen in a long time. When it came time for dinner Dan walked over to a table and at the other end was Alicia. He was so excited because he thought that this was his moment to ask her out he finally had a chance. A boy that was significantly taller and better built than Dan sat down right next to Alicia and kissed her right on the lips. Dan’s heart was broken in two. He put his tray in the garbage and walked to his room and collapsed in his bed and began to cry.
A few weeks later Confirmation came and all of Dan and Alicia’s friends decided to have a party afterwards. Dan was invited by his friend Zach to the party but when Dan looked around he saw Alicia and her boyfriend kissing and he said no to his kind offer. Dan instead went home and went on his computer and updated his online journal. He spent the entire night locked up in his room depressed and just waited there until he fell asleep at his computer.
The next year Dan was very confident he had made a ton of friends and things were going great for him. His life was finally getting on track. He had a job working for a drug store and his grades put him in the top ten of his class. He had always been bright but his love for Alicia had always clouded his priorities. His parents had become very proud of him and he was very happy. He had finally had begun to forget about his love for Alicia and was able to move on with his life. One day one of his friends convinced Dan to get a myspace page. He set it up and got a bunch of friend invites and had over 100 friends on his list. He opened up his email to check for comments or friend requests and he saw one that he never expected.
The email said “Alicia would like to be added to your Myspace friends listâ€Â. Dan’s heart began to pulse and he then started to think that it meant nothing because he was friends with plenty of girls who didn’t like him and some who didn’t even know him. He clicked for her request to be accepted and watched as a comment was posted by her on his page. It read “Hey! This is Alicia I am not too sure but aren’t you Dan from St. Joesph’s Church and White knoll elementary school?†Dan was excited and quickly posted a reply on her page and after that they didn’t speak for a long time.
Senior year came and Dan was back on track and he didn’t let the incident Junior year interfere with his drive to succeed. He worked harder and harder and was 2nd in his class. He felt like he was gaining ground as graduation approached. One night he was on AIM and he received a message from a screen name that he didn’t recognize “Hey this is Alicia I know this seems weird but I went to school with you in Kindergarten and I was wondering how things were going with you.†The conversation sparked 3 hours worth of conversations and Dan was happier than he had ever been. After that she never Imed him again and Dan’s heart began to break again.
Dan joined theater hoping to forget about Alicia and it succeeded for a while. The play was great and Dan may have had a small role but he loved it. On the Saturday night performance he nailed his part better than he had ever done it in rehearsal and he was patting himself on the back. He walked out into the crowd after the show and heard a familiar voice come from behind him “Hey Dan!†he turned around and Alicia was walking towards him. She ended up asking him to go out for a cup of coffee and the two of them left the school and went to Starbucks.
They talked until it was closing time and Dan offered to walk her to her car and they stood outside her car for an hour and talked. He ended up slipping to her that he had liked her for a very long time and she told him that she never really noticed him because he was so quiet. She went to get in her car to drive away and Dan appeared at the window and asked her to roll it down. “Do you want to go out with me some time?†She smiled and nodded. Then she pulled out and went home. Dan was overwhelmed and so excited that words couldn’t describe it. The girl of his dreams had just agreed to go out on a date with him.
Dan got all dressed up and picked Alicia up at her house and took her to the most romantic (and expensive) restaurant that he could find. They talked about school and music and everything they could think of and when they ran out of things to say Dan just looked into her eyes. They stared at each other and the waiter showed up and dropped the bill on the table. Dan drove Alicia back to her house and offered to walk her to her door and she consented. As they stood outside the door Dan looked deeply into her eyes and leaned in and kissed her. Dan felt like the world was at a standstill like somehow his world was now complete. A kiss that lasted only a few seconds felt like hours to the couple. Alicia stared at Dan and said to him in a hushed tone “I know this is sudden but I think I might be in love with you†Dan smiled wide and said “Those are the words I have been waiting to hear foreverâ€Â.


Hm... I see the modern setting. It's ok. Short but sweet. Great job.


Ms. Malone
Awww loveness! ^_^ Very cool, short but sweet...very sweet. If only all men were that dedicated o_O


aw, how sweet! -.- too bad it isn't true. lol. and like pugzn said.. if only.. i liked how it is so organized. each ear of high school neatly packed. i loved the story. good work! =]


Well this is the first romantic side I've seen of Henskie. Good job! The story was very capitvating and love bearing(mushy). I liked it. Gives me ideas for church scenes now. I hope to see more romance in your stories.