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A machine that turns plastic into oil


Lion Rampant
It's not very surprising considering plastic is made from oil in the first place. Yet another thing we run out of if we run out of oil.
We will run out of petroleum within decades, unless the world stops using it. But that's not to say that we ever have to run out of oil or plastic.

Hemp Plastic ::


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
We can make combustible oil out of other substances. A lot of plastic is already made from other substances/mixtures of chemicals.

I love that they can turn plastic back into oil now. Imagine how much waste this will save once (if?) the machine is put into recycling plants.


A Darker Knight
Man, the Japanese do think of everything.

Sounds like it's a pretty efficient way of converting trash back into oil. If he can start making bigger machines to do this, maybe there will eventually be no need for oil drilling and plastic trash will become a valuable commodity. That'd be a nice turn of events.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Why would BP want it? They need more stuff to remove oil from water not oil from plastic.


Registered Member
lol, the machine that turns plastic into oil is wonderful, but i do not think the Scientist can make it.