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A Love Letter To GF...


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
Dear GF,

As I sit here on my leather sofa that is richer than most of you can afford I can't help but share my drunken thoughts.

I know I'll never be a super active member. I've tried it but I just don't usually have the time and even when I have the time I don't usually have the effort. However this is not a reflection on the members here in the slightest. I hate to bring out the old chestnut that is "It's not you, it's me" but in this case it really is true. Now before you go reaching for that cyanide pill you need to know that I AM NOT BREAKING UP WITH YOU!

This thread is a well overdue oppurtunity for me to just say a big messy "Thank You" to all the people I've met here who make interent browsing that much more fun. I could go into detail about specific people who make this place worth visiting but i don't have time for that

Actually I do so prepare for some ego stroking. Something that I can't get enough of here is the banter, and that's something that I can always get from Bliss, Kibi, CGSA and Impact. You gals are always up for a "lol" and I mean that sincerely. I also think Chaos deserves a mention here because he is my fellow welsh buddy and I regret that I havent spoken to him directly in too long. Tucker and Smelnick are always out to get the laughs and most of the time they suceed with me. For that I tip my hat to you gentlemen. I couldn't end this paragraph without a mention to steve who, when I joined was easily my favourite mod. He gives as good as he gets and his posts are always full of sarcastic power. Knapp and I will always have the Lolzilla! Rebecaaaaa (too many A's?) has a class music taste, she's also a bit of a hotty although I imagine that comment enraging her for some reason.

The next big thing that I can come here for is the film chat and for this I usually look to the awesomeness that is Kons. Seriously you are one cool guy. I love that quite a lot of the people I have online friendships with here participate in the movie section but Kons seems to think a lot like me when it comes to moving pictures. Whether he thinks that is a good thing or not is his call but I'm greatful for it. I also couldn't leave out the force that is Babe. He and I don't always have similar tastes but damn it he's a passionate poster in the movie section and he's always given well thought out reasons for why he loves what he does. Half Eaten Surprise is also proving to be a notable friend in this area and I look forward to getting to know him better.

Now I come to the people who keep me interested despite probably having no strong feelings about me either way. Bananas always kept me thinking. Seriously where is that guy? Does he still post here? Even if he doesn't I used to love reading his posts. Being a graduated Philosophy student myself he always kept me interested. I can't count the number of times I didn't have to reply because he'd already said it much better than I ever could. Merc (the poster formally known as Cons) has always been one to watch. I know he hasn't always been everyones favourite member but I love that he's here to provide his thoughts which often make me re-think things I had previously taken for granted. I don't post a lot in MD but I do read it when I can and I have to say he has put forward some intersting ideas. Whether he's rubbed you up the wrong way or not you can't deny the dudes smart. His sarcastic posts have also had me laughing out loud. I love Ice Goat's comic book knowledge and he's always struck me as a straight shooter. This is more of a side note but I feel deserves mentioning, Ilus Unistus is totally hot :lol:

And now finally I come to the member who I've built the strongest friendship with on here (I bet you thought I'd forgotten you) Belle! You're an amazing lady who has provided me with an endless amount of enjoyable conversations here and outside here. I'm probably jumping on a band wagon here but I have a massive "GF crush" on you :lol:

None of this would've been possible without Brixy and I wish him all the best with his cinema project. (I was the first to be positive about it. Check the thread and you'll see. Bare that in mind when you're directing the fourth Spider-man reboot and need someone to play Peter Parker....)

So anyway the point I'm trying to make here is (If you hadn't guessed) that you guys make a difference. Even to a casual poster like myself. This is all getting too sentimental and I dont want people who I havent mentioned to feel left out. It just means that you havent made an impression on me :lol: Just kidding, it's more my fault than yours, I don't give this place anywhere near as much of my time as it deserves.

Lots of Love


(P.S My leather sofa is a cheap fake, I was just trying to impress you :()
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Eye see what you did ther
I saw your gender, something about a sofa and I didn't want to read further. tl;dr anyway.


Babeasaurus Sex
Alt, you and your cheap leather (not leather) sofa have just made my morning lol!

Drunken fool! :Lol:


Sally Twit
That was the best letter I've read in a while. And I've just finished reading my electric bill.

You, sir, are one of the finest contributions to GF we have. And that's even with your low level of activity. I'm glad you're around and I'm glad you were drunk enough to write that.

Also, I wish I was there to see your reaction when you read this back sober.


I didn't get emotional while reading the letter.