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A Little Myth I Made Up...Hope you like it!



The Murderous Village of Ozo
There was a village far away from any other villages, set in between the woodlands and the mountains of Ozo. A small village like that would have perished after a few years, but the great god of fire, Ozo, protected this village. The villagers claimed that their god was stronger than a bull and could lift mountains with a finger. However, in return for his protection, a male and a female had to be sacrificed every month at the foot of his mountain.
A boy named Toto had stopped in this village to rest and to trade. One day, he heard a distant clank of metal. He turned around and, just barely, glimpsed two people, a boy and a girl tied to a tree and looking in horror at the sight in front of them. As Toto looked, he saw a sight that made his blood run cold. A huge metal dragon slowly advanced toward its prey. Its cold, silver eyes glinted with amusement as it approached the boy and the girl. The children were stupefied with terror. At the last minute, Toto turned away, sick and terrified, but he knew that soon he would have to stand up for these people, who knew nothing of these horrendous actions. However, little did Toto know that he was to be the next victim!
The next day was the beginning of a new month. The elders had to perform the ceremony again but because the village was small, the elders decided to sacrifice Toto and their own granddaughter, Dorothy. They were tied to the trees and gagged as the elders waited for Ozo’s mythical creature, the metal dragon, to come and accept the sacrifice. Toto and Dorothy were in big trouble, not to mention a great deal of danger!
Just then, Toto’s companion and older brother, Leon, who was guarding their possessions outside of town, strode into the village, looking for Toto. Fortunately for him, the elders were having lunch at the time.
Toto shook his head wildly, hoping to catch his brother’s attention. The sudden movement in the empty village alarmed Leon. Then, cautiously peering through the foliage, Leon made out the forms of Toto and Dorothy. He rushed toward them, drawing his dagger as he ran. Leon quickly sawed through the bonds captivating Toto and Dorothy. To buy them some more time, Leon fashioned makeshift dummies to take Toto and Dorothy’s places. The elders, being very, very old, did not have good eyesight like in their younger days, so they could not tell the difference between two dummies and two children.
Outside the little village, Leon, Toto, and Dorothy had no way of getting to another village quickly and it was getting dark! Toto decided to pray to the good god Glinda, who was quite the opposite of her cruel brother, Ozo. Glinda, knowing the danger in which the mortals were in and at the same time wanting to scold her brother, sent down three winged horses. The three children thanked her. As they rode away, they heard heavy wing beats slightly behind them, and it wasn‘t from the horses. Toto and Dorothy knew exactly what was behind them, and urged their horses to go faster. Only Leon looked behind him, and saw the dragon.
The dragon was furious that its prey was running away. It belched red hot flames from its great mouth, which was full of razor sharp teeth. It was still bloodstained from its previous meal, and its skin had a blood red tint. Leon was terrified. As he slowed down, Dorothy grabbed the reins of his horse and urged it onward. The sudden movement caused Leon to fall out of his dazed state and he quickly offered up a prayer to Galinda, the goddess of warfare and wisdom. Galinda, rival of Ozo, thought of this as a chance to weaken Ozo, so she sent Toto a special shield and sword, while giving Leon a bow and arrows that could pierce anything. Galinda blessed Dorothy’s horse with speed and told Dorothy to get to safety. At this, Dorothy’s horse sped off into the night, leaving Toto and Leon to fight the dragon.
The dragon was delighted to see that his food was returning. What he didn’t like was the sharp weapon that the Toto held. Leon drew an arrow, aimed, and fired. The searing pain in the dragon’s wing caused it to topple from the sky, and crash down into the woodlands. However, the trees did not hinder the dragon much. It was three times the size of them! As it crushed the woodlands underneath its mighty clawed feet, it unleashed a torrent of flames upon Toto and Leon. Toto instinctively raised his shield, protecting Leon and himself from the fire that consumed the trees around them. Then Toto slowly walked forward, toward the dragon. The dragon was surprised. Its food had never walked right up to it before. Usually, it would walk up to them. Either way, the dragon decided, food is food. And so, it opened its mouth wide enough to devour Toto, and then lunged forward. This was just what Toto wanted. As the mouth closed around him, he stabbed upward through the top of the mouth.
The dragon roared angrily, throwing Toto flat on the ground. It raised its foot to crush Toto, when, seemingly out of no where, an arrow flew, straight and true, and buried itself into the dragon’s throat. The dragon reared up with pain, and then collapsed at Toto’s feet, stone cold. Toto stared in shock at the dead dragon in front of him. Then felt a familiar voice call out “Toto, are you alright?†Toto looked up to see a worried Leon looking back at him.
Toto managed a shaky reply. “Aye…â€Â
Together, they rode into the sunrise to find Dorothy and the next town.
Meanwhile, back at the small village, the elders finally realized that Toto and Dorothy used dummies and ran away. They ran back to the village, but it was too late. Ozo had heard what happened and was furious. He hurled a great fireball down and flames engulfed the village. The elders were terrified and prayed for mercy to Glinda.
All of a sudden, a cloaked figure sitting on top of a winged horse stopped in front of them and told them to get on. The two elders scrambled onto the horse just before the village was destroyed. As they flew away, the figure revealed herself as Dorothy. The two grandparents wept and sobbed as they realized that the very person they had offered as a sacrifice had saved their own lives. They begged for forgiveness and Dorothy said she would never think of her grandparents as criminals and it was all just a misunderstanding. However, the two elders knew that was not true. Dorothy had also known what they were doing and it had taken true heart to forgive them.
Back on his throne, Ozo cursed the day when he had decided to help the feeble mortals that had now caused him so much trouble. His anger was so great that mountains all over the world exploded with magma and molten rock, killing many humans in the process. The people called them Huo Shan. Today, we call them volcanoes.


What a great myth. I like it a lot it sounds just like a real myth you would here in history. It was very descriptive and it explained the emotions of this "god" and how volcano's erupt from his anger for humans.


It was amusing. I liked the way you used the characters from Oz to make this story. It was, agreeing with Dias, just like a real myth, describing a real natural event. Overall, excellent job.


thx for the wunerful reviews! it was actually for a school assignment and lots of ppl liked it, so i decided to share it with u guys-my homeys-lol :D