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A list of goals?


Better Call Saul
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I am not sure if we've had this or not but when you were younger (or whenever) did you write down what you wanted to accomplish and when?

I actually did; I did it right before I left home to go to college. I wanted to get a full time good paying job right out of college and I did.

I wanted to save up money and buy a house and I did. There were a lot of people, especially those at work, who made fun of me for living in my parent's basement for such a long time. Instead of getting an apartment I just stayed home. I have an awesome relationship with my parents and it allowed me to save a TON of money. Then, the situation presented itself and I bought a house. It worked out perfectly for me and I couldn't have planned it better.

I also decided that I wasn't going to look for love and if it was going to happen it would just fall into my lap or the perfect situation would present itself. I didn't date girls in high school but I did in college. I did decide before I left that I was going to try (try for once) and date girls and see what was out there. I ended up with two longer relationships and a couple of shorter ones. Nothing worked out but I am not too upset about it. It allowed me to realize what I wanted in a girl and it helped me grow. My mom always says to find a girl who loves sports as much as I do. Honestly, that's the exact opposite of what I want. Weird I know.

So what about you people? Did you sit down and think about what you wanted to accomplish? Did you have a plan? Do you still wish to achieve a lot of things? If you failed in something what did you do to pick yourself up and move on? Etc.
I guess another thing I wanted to do is be a good person. I know I know it sounds extremely lame but I always try to mimic how my grandpa lived his life and the way he treated people.

Then I bought his house so yeah, haha.
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So what about you people? Did you sit down and think about what you wanted to accomplish? Did you have a plan? Do you still wish to achieve a lot of things?
Yes! and very recently, today in fact I finish my list.
1) Complete my final year of secondary schooling with grades I can have some pride in.

2) Begin steps for residency Visa to the US.

3) Attend University while waiting for Visa results.

4) Spend more time to my work and less time "out".

5) Be more responsible in my actions.

That is my top 5.

If you failed in something what did you do to pick yourself up and move on? Etc.
Yes, I do not like the idea of quitting because of a failure. Failing only makes me smarter and more eager to accomplish.


I've never really had any long-term goals like that. Not one that I have had since I was a child and kept following through. I basically set up a new set of goals for myself each year and try to just focus on that. Although something that seems to be on my list every single year is "get fit" and that still hasn't happened yet...


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Oh wow, sounds like a great idea, wish I had done something like that. But no, I can't ever think of a time when I had "goals". Things seemed to happen so fast for me in life, I don't remember having the time to think about how I wanted my future to be. As I got older, and had all my children, I always wished I would be around to watch them grow up, and I did, so that would be a check!


Embrace the Suck
I've always written down short-term goals and long term goals. If I don't accomplish them I move on, but I do try and keep focused on them.

My goal was to be a CPA when I got out of high school. That changed as I went through school and ended up getting a B.B.A. in Economics instead. I didn't have a goal about law school, after a few years of working I was thinking about getting my M.B.A. in Eco or go to law school. Law school worked out first so I did that instead. My long term goal is to eventually get my M.B.A. if/when I have the time to go back to school.

I like your goal about being a good person, Millz. I've always had that same kind of goal.


Sally Twit
I never wrote anything down which is a good job really as the things I wanted as a kid are not things I want now. Apart from one thing actually - becoming a counsellor.

I usually have short term goals like moving out which I did a year after planning it.

All I want now is to marry my partner, become a counsellor, have a child and do what I can to make sure my family are happy.

You're not lame for wanting to be like your grandpa, Millz. It's very sweet that you looked up to him so much. You are a good person and I am sure he would be very proud of you.
I wish I saved up money like you when I lived with my parents. I wasted it all, though.


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Short term (next 6 months): stock up on emergency supplies like DE, canned goods, firewood, soaps and paper products, garden items, ammo.
Long term: (next 10 years) bury my older relatives when they pass, buy some property like a farm.


I've never set long term plans and if I do I never reach them. I'm bad at setting goals and worse at achieving them.

Anyway, my next goal is to start advanced studies in business law so that's the only goal I hope to reach within a month or two.


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Well, I don't write anything on a paper, but I have some goals defined on my mind. I try to define goals in the short-term, like every couple of years. Some of my goals are hard to achieve. For example, when I was on high school I started to play guitar again (I took some lessons for 3 years when I was younger), and I wanted very bad to become a virtuous guitarist. In the last year on that school I was also very focused on getting good grades to enter in the college of my choice. It turned out that I got a collision of goals: I struggled to get time to play guitar because of the studies. So, I had to leave the guitar and I couldn't practice as much as I used to do. The point is, when you do your list of goals make sure you have enough time to attend them. Otherwise, you will get a collision and you will need to make some choices - it is better to achieve at least one goal than none of them.

Although, I think I have some problem, because I get interested in many and different things, I'm too versatile for the spare time I have.

It is also important, I think, in not letting ourselves to go down when we fail to reach a goal and to quit from one when it is needed. If you keep your whole life fighting and obsessed - getting nervous and depressed - for a goal that you will hardly achieve, it is better to forget it and be happy in some other way.


Short term get the hell out of retail and I hope to hit the lottery and win just enough $$$ to retire like about $750,000 to $1,000,000 after taxes.
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