A lesson I learned


Son of Liberty
After so many of these which are complete Win:

I was sad when i ran out... but had some of this and attempted that combo in a drunken desperation last night:

= Bad

I dont recommend it :hah:


AKA Ass-Bandit
Well there's your problem. You're trying (and failing) to improve near weak gnat's piss.

I recommend something better.
Actually, I've never heard of that stuff before...didn't realise they made it.
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Son of Liberty
I live in the middle of California... the closest liquor stores to me carry:

Mexican Panther Piss in the form of; Dos Equis, Negro, Corona, and Pacifico
American "Gnat" Piss in the form of; MGB, Budwieser, PBR, and something else
Canadian Moose Piss in the form of; Rolling Rock, Molson, LaBatte, and something else.

Then the mystery piss in the form of; Fat tire?!?! ps.. who the fuck drinks beer called "Fat Tire?" :hah:, Fosters, and Guiness.

Honestly... this isnt a gourmet selection of a brewfest.


AKA Ass-Bandit
Guinness is alright, if you don't mind having strange and unnatural bowel movements when you wake up in the morning.

However, this does remind me that I wish to try the original Budweiser (aka Budvar & Czechvar) from České Budějovice.