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A Hickey Almost Kills Woman


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Ms. Malone
They said it's a rare thing; it's unfortunate for the woman, but kind of interesting too.

Although, it's made me remember the 'hickey' i had across my shoulder that lasted 2 weeks *shudder*


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I always kind of thought they looked like bruises *ha*
I think I only had one in my whole life, and I tried covering it with my hair because it made me feel uncomfortable.


still nobody's bitch
Unfortunately I love getting them, but nothing is trashier than having a hickey.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5


This one girl I messed around with used to love giving me hickeys and always wanted me to give them to her. I'm just thankful neither one of us ever stroked out because of them.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I've had a few of them but I can't stand the damned things. Thought, I don't mind them as much if they're on a shoulder or similar place that isn't showing.

It's really sad that this woman had a stroke from one.

Underneath the bruise they found the cause of the stroke - damage to a major artery, where a blood clot had formed after the suction of the love bite.
The clot had then travelled to the woman's heart, causing the stroke. She then noticed the problem while she was sitting watching television.

Read more: Woman suffers stroke after amorous partner gives her a love bite | Mail Online
The entire situation is terribly unfortunate and very, very unlucky for the couple. I hope she can regain even some of the paralysis.