A Guy I Know Caught Suzuki's Home Run!


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Anybody here know who Kurt Suzuki is? I don't fallow baseball so I sure don't.. :lol:

That being said, the guy put up two home runs a few days ago and a guy I know actually caught what I believe was the first one. You can see the video footage here:

Baseball Video Highlights & Clips | [email protected]: Suzuki crushes a two-run homer to left - Video | MLB.com: Multimedia

You can hardly see him but he's wearing a green jersey with a yellow/orange stripe on it. He's at the bottom of the dog pile in that video at around 14 seconds in.

Not too shabby!

Anybody remember the GF member 00Vega? That's who it was lol.


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That douche caught the ball...just kidding.

That's pretty cool though, I'm not a Kurt Suziki fan by any means, but catching a home run ball must be really exciting.

I'm gotten baseballs at practice from a few players but never from an actual game.


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Anybody remember the GF member 00Vega? That's who it was lol.
Seriously? His loonie ass needs to die in a fire.

What is he going to do with the ball? Let his 13 year old best friend steal it from him?


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Vega is an idiot. If that's really him, I can't believe how hard he was going after that ball. Diving on the ground into a pile to get a baseball?