A Grammar Nazi's Scream into the Night




[url=http://www.fusion-central.net/forum/p-this-is-what-i-have-to-say-post63493/postcount9.html]A supposedly well meaning person[/url] said:
This post right here had me and my sister laughing just now for 3 or so minutes. U have my respect Mecha lol^^; Reps for u!

But anyway welcome to the site Logical. If u expect to post in MD I suggest u get some spelling lessons or get that ABC checker cause if u don't the ppl there will cut u down to size and make u spell right >>; But in any other section u can use the shorted slang words^^;*hands a bag of candy* Have fun and post alot, can't wait to see u around though!


So, for this thread, post funny pictures about seeing bad posts. I'll post more later. (The one above I made for the occasion, hope you enjoy it.)



For a Free Scotland
I'm sorry, but I have to take the literalist path.

I prefer the term Grammar Ninja, because my interest in correct grammar and spelling is fleeting, and often disappears into the night for months at a time.