A Golden Palace question about playing with them

Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by helpisontheway, May 15, 2005.

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    Hi Everyone...

    I have to admit I am a poker fanatic... I have always been a part of Paradise poker but have only played in the free games area. I find the rooms for poker on this site for real money to be over priced and too computer-ey (hehehe)

    I used to be active on World Poker Exchange when playing for money but to be honest I don't like the set up on that site.

    I thought I would download Golden Palace to play some games on there but was wondering what the best payout method would be...

    Currently I use net-teller but had some PayPal like problems with it with spoof emails. I heard mycitadel.com is better...

    Any suggestions... I only play with a minimum amount of $, but I'm a pretty good player and the advantage to GP is that they have other casino games...

    Can someone let me know a good cashier program to use other then net-teller.

    Thanks T
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  2. iggyshotthebear

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    My bro-in-law is addicted to Paradisepoker.com ... He's got my hub wrapped in a few tourney's too. The option there is to pay to play or play for fun :)

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