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I <3 GF A GF new years poem


aka ginger warlock
To all those I have gained
To all those who I've lost
I love you all the same
To me you mean the most

To all those who provided guidence
To those who provided hope
I hope you I love you
You know you've helped me cope

To those who have spoke to me
When you barely knew my name
To those who had a kind word
I hope I have been the same

To those who never gave up
And strived to always be there
To those who were helpful
I hope its a gift I've shared

You guys mean the world to me
I hope you know that know
I look forward to another year
Where kindness always show

I am not the greatest writer in the world but I wanted to get across how much GF has meant to me, I am coming up to a year of being part of this community and I hope that this time next year I will meet and know even more people.


Sally Twit
That is a very nice and sweet poem, Chris. I think you were lying when you put your writing skills down.
Some people find it easier to put their feelings across through poetry or song.

It's been a pleasure getting to know you this year. :)


Registered Member
That is soooo totally cool. :) You've been an awesome member and you really deserved MOTM more than I did. Total props!


Haters gonna hate.
That is a well-done poem. I would do the same thing (or at least some form of communication of how much GF means to me), but I am NOT that artistic, hahaha.

GF does mean a lot to you, and that is obvious. Hopefully you stay around for a very long time.


Creeping On You
Great poem Chris, really gets me right there you know. I'm glad GF has been such a positive experience for you and I'm glad that I'm part of the reason. You're a fun dude to chat with man, so hopefully me and Bliss can hang with ya more in 2012