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A funny test - conflict between left & right brain


Registered Member
It is a funny test. Try to say correctly all colors in one go!



Well-Known Member
I am actually really good at this, I have taken many of these tests before, my favorite is optical illusions though, I might post something about that soon.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
:lol: well thats annoyingly tricky, I was ok at it but some of them seemed more likely to trip me up than others. Theres probably some scientific reason for that.


Food Whore
It wasn't that bad, but once you try to speed it up, I ended double checking a line once or twice.


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It isn't too hard until you speed up..XD


Registered User
Man, I was doing great until I started to think I could speed up, stupid brain. Shut up brain, before I stab you with a Q tip. Doh!


Secret Agent
Staff member
I showed this to a few others and so far nobody can do it straight through unless take time to think between each color. It's funny because your brain takes the word you see and has trouble thinking of what color it is while still focusing on the word.

This is one of the better brain tests I've seen lately.

And Gnopostopi, I don't suggest stabbing your brain with a Q-Tip... That might just make it angry. ;)