A frivolous spending poll


still nobody's bitch
What will you spend a given amount of money on, and what won't you spend the same amount on?


I will spend $12 a month on coffee-shop coffee, but I won't spend $12 a month on a Rhapsody subscription

I will spend $7 on a bottle of wine, but I won't spend $7 on a bottle of fancy shower gel

I will spend $30 on Bruce Springsteen tickets, but I won't spend $30 on a subscription to Mother Jones


rainbow 11!
Uhm.... I don't know.

I would spend xx amount of money on a new game, but not xx amount of money on various make up shit. lol


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Ill spend $180 on a blue ray player but i wont spend $180 on Gym Membership

Ill spend 7$ on Chinese food but i wont spend 7$ on a Bus pass to get there
I'll spend $20 on a game I'll probably play once, but I won't spend $20 on a gaming shirt.

I'll spend $10 on a CD, but not $10 on ten different iPod songs. (For some reason I like having the actual disc that a digital download. Strange!)


Sally Twit
I'll spend £10 on body spray but I won't spend £10 on a taxi.

I'll spend £3 on a bus ticket but I won't spend £3 on alcohol.


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I would easily spend hundreds of euros € on DVDs or Traveling tickets...but wouldn't do the same for techie gadgets or fashion stuff.