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  1. Smelnick

    Smelnick Creeping On You V.I.P.

    I wrote this one back when I was in grade 12

    even in laughter
    the heart may ache
    even in joy
    the soul feels grief
    even in bliss
    the body feels sorrow
    but in all of this
    there is hope

    a positive outlook
    a negative inlook
    alot of things
    about alot of things
    knowledge is intelligence
    ignorance is innocence
    age is wisdom
    patience is a virtue

    things happen
    no explanation
    coincidence ruled out
    its not the creators revenge
    mankind makes choices
    choices make mankind
    intrepretation left
    in the eye of the beholder

    the moon and the stars
    are bright in the sky
    shining over many
    broken sunken hearts
    past misery
    and future pain
    do little to ease
    my sense of oppression

    little is done
    and lots is said
    big words make a man
    and man makes big words
    insightful is to leaders
    as leaders are to promises
    the wise will win the war
    the fools will bring the pain

    too much pain and much sorrow
    are floating in endless capacities
    Satans seeds of evil
    floating on the breeze
    windswept shadows in the dark
    rustled by winds of change
    little do we know
    about plans untold

    go forth into
    the universe
    bring joy and love
    to those in need
    open your mind
    to things unforetold
    and close the ears
    to things forbidden

    I wrote this one when I was 20

    orange, grey and yellow
    a feeling of greatness
    descending on this mass
    of cerebral misintentions

    grey, brown, and red
    this dark oppression
    this windy street so dark
    down and down one digs his hole

    blue, green and teal
    a steadfast emotion
    without out name or place
    seldom seen but always needed

    golden yellow silverness
    comfort and joy is attained
    but the length of this comfort
    determined by the length of wisdom

    black, blacker and blackest
    the toll of misfortune
    with a fork in the road
    the past decides the future direction

    I wrote this one in grade 12 as well.

    like a needle to the groin
    is the misery i feel
    like a train to my body
    is the agony i sense
    the end is soon coming
    the ride is almost over
    but for now i must endure
    this turmoil within

    ever orange is the perception
    of my light capturing orbs
    the intenser the motion
    the intenser my perception
    sweet nectar of heaven
    this seclusion is not
    the lust for a partner
    exceeds my domain

    ever grows my desire for relief
    the pressure builds and grows disdain
    the relief valve is twisted
    and out spews the pain
    a small little tablet
    and a big giant twist
    joy is overpowering
    but vexatious Ive become.


    I wrote this one just this past summer.

    dilly dally, fiddle faddle.
    Up a creek without a paddle.

    pitter patter, cocker spaniel.
    I tell you now my names not Daniel.

    Holly dolly, molly wolly.
    Can you find the hidden folly?

    Speckled pickle, nickel wrinkle.
    Oh the stars how they do twinkle.

    parting smarting, carting fodder.
    The federales, have they caught her?

    winky pinky, ranky danky.
    Is that a tear? Please pass my hanky.

    funky runky dunky tunky forky.
    When you leave please don't forget your door key.

    gump rump and tumpety stump.
    your out of gas, jump to the pump.

    pork and rork are soon to plab?
    the milk has spilled, give it a dab!

    spenny renny tenny lenny.
    eat no food to save a penny.

    mend the bend in destinys end.
    your mind to blend what bakers spend.

    fun is spun inside the bun.
    so fun to run from lovers shun.

    mine the spines of golden lines.
    so fine the fines of endless shines.

    clean your spleen you speckled bean.
    your average mean to glean whats keen.

    sand the hands of theiving glands.
    throw down your ties to roaming clans.

    roam the tomes of ancient rome.
    breathe in the moisture of the foam?

    now to sow the timeless cow.
    can you foresee the future plow?

    cart the part that ought not be arts.
    let loose the throng of poisoned darts.

    done is the run of this poetry spun.
    what fun it was to have spun this run.
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  2. PretzelCorps

    PretzelCorps Registered Member

    The last one is silly.

    The others are depressing as hell --> Exactly how poetry was meant to be!! :nod:
  3. Smelnick

    Smelnick Creeping On You V.I.P.

    I can't even remember when I read this one, but its not to bad so I figured I'd post it in here too

    dark misery
    inner turmoil
    concoctions of emotions
    felt deep within the soul
    immenent for some
    hidden from others
    knowledge is sacred
    for some eyes only

    ignorance is bliss
    for beauty shows its face
    to those who are slow
    and lacking of knowledge
    even in laughter
    the heart may ache
    and in joy
    ends in grief

    a mask to hide
    intentions ill meant
    the whole world
    is a large masquerade
    with methods invisible
    and thoughts un presentable
    acts of indecency
    supposed by all

    illusitory feelings
    two meanings not one
    confusious does say
    a whole lot of bull
    monetarily blinded
    is those who rise up
    to the things that matter
    our existence be futile
  4. Cait

    Cait Oh, poppycock.

    I like that one a lot. Your style of poetry isn't the usual kind I enjoy, but you're good at it. Or were, depending on how you look at it. Depressing, but not very...I'm sorry I can't even find the word. They seem to have asense of optimism.
  5. ysabel

    ysabel /ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5

    Smel, when you ever look back at your past poetry do you understand what you meant and why you wrote it?

    Sometimes, I'd see my old writings and I have no clue what was going on in my mind when I wrote it. :hah: For example, I found things I wrote when I was 16 then when I read it when I was 20, I wondered what made me write it or what I was thinking of of that time. I'll put a note on the side. Five years after, I read the same poetry and I have another interpretation of it, then I note it on the side again. Haha.
  6. Smelnick

    Smelnick Creeping On You V.I.P.

    Actually, this one I wrote while I was in grade 12. In the winter time. Between november and february, I usually get a little depressed (winter does that =P) and I guess I was doing a lot of pondering about my future. Some of it is a bit of cynicism about highschool social structures and stuff.
    on the backside of despair
    there rides a monkey
    he plays peek a boo
    with your conscience
    taunting your morals
    confusing your desires
    all in all
    he weighs you down
    he stoops your back
    keeping you from rising
    to stand at full height
    grab an axe
    one and all
    together we shall slay
    this monkey on our backs


    wong tong tong and cow cow pocks
    today's the day, I wore white socks
    the cup is empty as the sun rises
    his brow is furled as he surmises
    his future, his pas, his presence
    this trinity of dull existence
    a star twinkling, the light barely reaches
    this ground, dry and barren
    for water it beseeches


    tendrils of the past
    encumbrance of past torment
    working together in mock unity
    to slow the flow of positive
    Some stuff I wrote back in February. I have a habit of writing stuff and then forgetting about it. And then finding it again later lol.

    existence realized
    goals surmised
    goals attained
    life maintained?


    When should a man
    Look at the sky
    Learn how to fly
    And in turn, touch that span

    When should a man
    Look into the sea
    Sink down for a fee
    And in turn, touch that span

    How far will we go
    advancing ourselves
    filling our shelves
    water, will soon start to flow


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  7. Smelnick

    Smelnick Creeping On You V.I.P.

    Time to bump this thread with a few of my lastest writings

    Paltry Sultricities
    paltry sultricities
    time for everything
    actually no
    why is there never time?
    I simply don't understand
    space time continuum

    my world asunder
    and filled with great plunder
    I stare on in great wonder
    echoes of distant thunder
    casting me down under
    with memories of past blunders
    sitting here dining on fake happiness and energy
    in the groin of this place bustling with merchandise
    passing the time until I return to the start
    of a series of events that lead me here again
    a shell
    an egg
    a nut
    a prize, new life and nutrients within
    but noone will ever attain them
    a seemingly untappable energy
    a potential that may never be reached
    only one person knows how great it is
    only one person controls how it is used


    I wrote this one just this winter.

    thoughts drowned out
    by the pounding thunder
    caused by the ceaseless storm
    raging in this tattered soul
    hiding in this sea of turmoil
    at the depths
    at the chasm
    is potential, purpose and a need
    to reach the peak yet unattained
    is it reachable
    can it be grasped
    each attempt to reach it
    ends with floundering failure
    each time deeper
    each time further
    than and from the level
    the leve that is ideal
    eyes level with the surface
    need a bouy, need a bouy
    need a fucking bouy
    to keep me afloat
    to warn me of hazards
    not just any bouy will do
    needs to be the right one
    one that will last forever
    can't just pick the first one
    that suits my fancy
    lest me and the bouy
    sink back down to the depths


    Also another I wrote right after that last one

    peanuts are a nut
    peanuts grow underground
    potatoes grow underground
    potatoes are not a nut
    some things are different
    and yet their origins are the same
    and furthermore, in the end
    the different things meet the same end
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  8. Tucker

    Tucker Lion Rampant

    Ehh... is this what I think it is? Because, you know, I don't judge.
  9. Smelnick

    Smelnick Creeping On You V.I.P.

    no, I don't mean boy, I do mean bouy, as in that thing that floats in the water.
  10. Tucker

    Tucker Lion Rampant

    Gotcha. ;) Might there be an audio version in the works?

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