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a few new pics (no spider)


Great pictures!!! (but I don't understand the 3rd)


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What is the 2nd pic of? I sort of like it...and am afraid of your answer. :p


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@EllyDicious: I think the 3rd is a walrus on a bike. Where did you take these pictures Tucker? :evolution:


"Expect the unexpected"
Interesting pics bro! I'm still trying to wrap my mind around picture 3........what is that/what is it?


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That second one looks like it could be a Monet. Very nice indeed! I like the second to the last the best. What program do you use to manipulate the images?


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Thanks for all your interest and the kind reviews. The second picture was a happy accident; I was about to delete a failed night shot of a raccoon when I spotted those Impressionistic landscaped poppies in the background. I blew them up and increased the color saturation level a bit (I use freeware PS clone PhotoPlus 5.5), et voila! The third one is not a walrus on a bike, nor Krang of Ninja Turtle infamy, but a huge and fugly fish that was staring rudely at me from one of a local restaurant's 150 saltwater aquariums. I shoved my camera in his leering face and he finally lost his curiosity. The next to last is just a multi-second exposure of a house party dance floor with the color boosted to look like a psychedelic poster. I'm by no means a wiz at either photography or photo manipulation. I just like to think that I have an eye for things that look uniquely eye-catching in one way or another. Stay tuned for my upcoming exposé on road worker butt crack!


"Expect the unexpected"
Damn son! You sure took your time in getting around to the explanations! :wheelchair:
HaHaha........I'm just playin' :D Thanks for the info. Anymore pics?