a dream..dream...


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i dream a strange dream ,i was stand by a pool.a kid and his mom nearby.she plant some plants in the pool in order to make money..then a big ugly fish jumped out, i run away ,the kid was took away by her grandma.the mum run away too....the grandma want to a big bird looks like an ostrich following her .the bird in fact is an evil creature,,we all think the kid can play with it like a big toy..
in fact the bird want to eat the kid ,we run into a house ,a girl in charge led a lot of people rushed in,she want the mom give the kid to sacrificed..or the bird will kill all the people ..i stand at upstairs ,the grandma have hide the child ,and the mom is next to me ..people yell and want to find out the mom ,a girl recognised the mom and want to report ,i stoped her..i think i should kill the evil ..so i said that am the one it want to look for ,then i have a sword in my hand..i strike it..it` skin is very thick i cannot hurt it ..i jump into the sky ,flying like a fish ..we fight .it change itself into a very big monster .my sword cannot hurt it ,and he donot hurt me at all .he just run after me ..
then a cave appeared in the sky.we run into ..light and shadow rotated.a lot of people see our fighting before their TV.the evil turn itself into a man` shape,and walked to me ,laughed and said ,,u cannot kill me ,donnot waste u time ...am thinking what kinds of material is his skin?i wll find out and kill u any how ..i make a cute face to him,and we all walk out the cave .when i just one step out ,a big flood coved the earth.a lot of people died,,people run into the cave ,and flood after ,i cannot breath..,i feel no feeling that time ,i want to save ,but no use ,so just watching ,and give the chance to god..people who can alive alive..,when the flood gone ,peole alive out of the cave ..i fly in the sky,,the sky is very clean,.and i think out a idear ,i can use my sword hurt the evil` eyes...am the one to kill the evil...


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You should look up on some Dream site or something to see if the dream means anything. I have two dream books but don't know where they're at at the moment.


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Wow, I can hardly understand your dream story. It's all over the place... I think that type of dream has no pinpoint interpretation. You should research the meanings of separate parts of the dream.