A Dog Bites/Mauls...

Who is to blame?

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Ms. Malone
There has been many stories where dogs have bitten or mauled people and small children in unprovoked attacks, the most recent is a baby that was mauled by a Jack Russle Terrier and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

My question for you is: When a dog bites or mauls are person or child, who is to blame? The dog or the owner?

I actually blame the owner, unless they are unaware of the dogs violent way then they should know better that to leave/have their pet in the same room as a child or walk the dog without a mussle on.

When i find the article about the JRT and SBT mauling the poor baby i will post it.


Sally Twit
The owner should train their dog so they are to blame. I have seen programmes where a woman trained her dog to attack anyone she wanted as soon as she said "go get them!" It was disgusting because the dog would keep biting the person until called off by the owner. He didn't know any better because his bitch of an owner (no pun intended) would praise him for it.


I was once bitten by a dog when I was younger but it was my fault. I put my hand out and was waving it up and down and then went to stroke the dog. I don't know if he was being playful or thought I was going to hit him but I still blame myself for that.


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I blame the owner, if they have a dog that they know can fight randomly they should keep it away from people and kids. But if the dog hasn't done it yet and it is the dogs first time they cant really help that.
If I was going to blame, then it would definately be the owner. You can't really blame a dog for anything in the first place. They are just acting on instinct. Its the owners fault for either a)not properly training their pet or b)if they are in the training process and know that their dog is potentially dangerous, they should know better than to let the dog be around vulnerable 'victims' without a muzzle.


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I think the owner is to blame because they have control over the dog and the dog would listen to their commands than a total stranger. We are required to ask the owners to put their dogs away when we work inside the house. It doesn't matter which dogs they are. It is pretty much for our safety. We had a technician that got his mouth bitten off by a beagle. The owner was not aware that the tech was working inside the house and he let the dog back in and then CHOMP!


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I hate reading stories like this,I have had dogs for most of my life and it is my belief that a dog,no matter how well trained or trusted,should never be left with a young baby in the same room.

It may have only been one dog that started this by nipping or pulling the baby's crib off of the table,but that can be enough to trigger the animal's natural pack instinct.

In the end it is down to the owner,they should have never left a dog in the vicinity of the baby.
My heart goes out to the parents and grandmother.

People seem to forget that even if a dog is a domestic animal,there are still elements of something wild in them,two dogs or more create a pack,and once the pack mentality kicks in it is very hard to control them.


Oh, poppycock.
I think the owner and the one attacked are to blame to some point. If the owner knows that the dog has violent behavior, they should keep the dog away from people at almost all times. This is true, but sometimes even the most tame of dogs can attack when provoked causing it to be the attacked's fault. I don't think it can ever the be the dog's fault. I don't think a dog will wake up one day and think "hmm, I want to kill some baby today!" I could be wrong though, but I hope I'm not.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
The owner is responsible for training the dog. The owner should also be able to gauge the level of risk that the animal poses to other people. In that case, the owner should do what he can to minimise or avoid that risk from happening. Although there can be accidents, the stories I often hear are due to negligence.


Ms. Malone
Alright, everyone seems to be taking the same side so i'd like to know your opinion as to why some people are quick to call for the animal's termination rather than the prosicution of the owner due to neglegance?