A Decline In The Game


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I was watching a documentry about hockey the other day and I found something really interesting. It says that back in the 90s hockey was at a higher peak then it is today. They interviewed several current and former NHL stars and they agreed. Why do you think this is? Do you agree with the statement?

I agree 100%. Don't get me wrong im a huge hockey fan like one of the biggest around here but the game is not as exciting anymore. With all the new rules you'd think that alot more people would be watching and loving the game but if you look around some stadiums during games there are less and less fans even in stadiums where teams are winning. Have we ruined the game? Well with the obstruction there is almost no more room for any contact because it will result in a penalty and with the size of goalie pads it is no wonder why some goalies are starting to shine. While there is also those games that end in high scoring and you just can't wait till their over. I'd rather watch a 2-1 OT win for the leafs back in the 90s then watch a 9-8 win in OT today. The games are not made better because of more goals. If anything it takes away from the game. Are there too many teams? Most people say no because more teams makes more games but I think I would like to see some franchises gone because they do not market a good style of hockey like Phoenix and Florida because lets face it they are more or less places where games that do not involve a sheet of ice should be played. Sorry if I offended anybody.

Somebody needs to step up to the NHL and say they want the old rules back. There are more and more people watching games from Europe and college games as well as CHL games rather than turn on an NHL game. Ask yourself do you really think hockey is the same game anymore?


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I think the game is still exciting, the scoring is up, and there's a lot of exciting players to watch like Crosby and Ovechkin, and I believe that us Canadians think the game is great, but the Americans rather watch WNBA or Bowling then hockey, I think the biggest reason for that because there's no American superstar, there's a lot of good American players, but the two best players in the NHL are Russian and Canadian, and I think that hurts the NHL. I agree the calls that the refferees make are ridiculous sometimes, but I believe the rules are better now then they were before the lock out.


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Americans don't seem to enjoy hockey the same anymore but Canadians always will. Its our game. Just like Americans have the MLB we have the NHL and even though the best players in the world these days are most so Canadian , Russian , Finnish , Swedish or Czech I think the American people should still watch the NHL because it is just as good as it was a couple years ago. Mike Modano should be a role model for the young american hockey players. This guy is a real class act staying in Dallas his whole career and making a name for himself. He is one of those guys that you just have to respect.


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I used to love hockey, but that was a long while ago. Maybe it was because many of the names were too hard to remember :D

I think one of the reasons why Americans don't like hockey as much is because it'sa not as high scoring, like soccer.

I do particularly enjoy watching the shootouts though. Those are cool.

oh yeah. It could be because the puck moves so fast, it's hard to keep up.


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The games are more high scoring then ever I think so anyway and the puck sure does move fast but the refs blowing the play dead every couple minutes does not help lol. The game is less appealing to alot of people because we get tired of the rivalry games. Like I remember in a forum talking about the Rangers and Islanders and how they are no longer like they were. The rivalry has become dead because of a couple reasons , A the games come to often per season. A rivalry game should only come once or twice a year and build up the tension between the two teams and then let them battle it out. Also the game no longer has the big name players that we all know. The young stars are taking over. The vets still serve purpose but they are talked about less because the young guns steal the stage. The game also has alot of markets. Too many teams could make it less appealing. With 30 teams we hardly ever see some of the old "classic" teams that we would like to see and some games that are really exciting but not quite a rivalry.

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I don't know if everyone agrees with me here.. but mose of the fanbase enjoyed the more "physical" gameplay of the past compared to the more high scoring game that is here today. It's still good because the stars have a chance to shine a lot brighter (Crosby, Ovechkin etc)


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I agree with you 100% buddy. The physical game was more exciting to watch than the high scoring games of today. I mean sure the game is still interesting to watch and all but really how many of us would choose to see a 9-7 game today with the only hits resulting in penalties compared to a 2-1 game from the 90s where there were more big hits then shots? The choice sticks out in my mind.