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    Here goes.

    A suicidal young blonde decides to end her life but is struggling to figure out the best way to end it all. She decided to take a dive off the docks and drown.

    She was just about to take the leap when a male sailor comes by and spots the young blonde.

    "What are you doing", asks the sailor.

    "I'm ending it", replies the young woman.

    "Nothing is worth taking your life for".

    After a few minutes of conversing, the sailor manages to coax the young woman off the edge and begins to comfort her.

    "I tell you what", says the sailor. "I'm sailing to Austrialia tomorrow to return home. How about you come with me and start a new life".

    The young blonde thinks for a moment and eventually agress to the offer.

    "I've got nothing to lose", she replies.

    "Theres only one thing I'll need in return", suggests the Sailor.

    "What would that be", replies the young women.

    "Well it gets mighty lonely out there and all men have needs", the sailor lowers his brow and drops subtle hints of his demand.

    "Well okay but as long as you promise to give me food and water throughout the trip".

    The sailor agrees and they both set sail, as agreed the sailor offers food and water and they make love till dawn. On the second night she recieves food and water and they again have hot sex all night.

    The third evening comes and the boat has to travel through oceanic customs. The sailor asks the young woman to hide in one of the life rafts so that she avoids being caught smuggling into the country.

    That evening the boat is searched and the women is discovered by the police officer.

    "What are you doing on here?", asks the policemen.

    "Well the sailor is looking after me, he's taking me to Austrialia, giving me food and water and he's screwing me", replies the woman.

    "He certainly is madam", chuckles the officer. "This boats heading to the Isle of Wight!"
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    :lol:Haha that was great:nod:
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    Haha, that was good. Gold.
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    Too bad for reading it then, I suppose you want those two minutes of your life back....
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    It made me chuckle Colin. =]
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    i laughed

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    Glad you two did, took me a while typing it out lol.

    Theres more to follow and better to come!

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