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a day late (robbie burns)


Registered Member
any one celebrate it with a bit o haggis?
i didnt but i do remember at school every robbie burns day we had to memorize a poem and there would be a winner for the person who did it best, i always was runner up but never the winner :(
i remember all they would serve for school dinners on that day was haggis, potatoes, turnip, gravey and if you didnt like it you would have to remember to pack your own lunch.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I sort of celebrated the occasion. I went to a pub last night that was having a special event to honor him. Lots of people were drinking scotch, they were playing a lot of music from Scotland, lots of people were wearing Kilts. I just had a few beers and went home. A lot of people did take it seriously though.


Registered Member
As a bonafide Scot I certainly did have some haggis. Unfortunately the only whiskey I had was in the whiskey sauce that accompanied it. Yum.


Lion Rampant
I feel kind of bad for not knowing about this fete. My gggg-grandfather was Burns' teacher and mentor John Murdock, who introduced a young Robbie to serious literature with the gift of a poetry book.


Sally Twit
It's nice that people still sing Auld Lang Syne at midnight on NYE. I think it's a lovely tribute to the man.
I was unaware that people outside of Scotland would celebrate this each year I have to say. It isn't a bad thing but it is surprising to me that you would celebrate it if you weren't Scottish.