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How is your day?

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Well since I'm slowlt returning myself here and wanting to get a glimpse into the life of the many nutty folks that surround me I thought it proper to go through a mundane exercise of talking about our life away from the computer.

And since Im asking I will have to speak up first!

6 am Alarm clock rings and I stop it. GO through the process of getting dressed for work or school or even getting my kid ready for school

630a.(work day) I'm out the door on my way to work, and dropping my kid off at my grandparents so she can catch the school bus. On these days, off I get to deal with schizos or bipolars of people that are just plain depressed and they may even get to the point of stripping down to nothing and showing themselves off or smacking their own asses when they are mad. Also I get to hairy-ass (harrass) my coworkers. Some harmless flirting can ensue.

645a(school day) Take my kid by my grandparents and then drive another 20 miles away to get to school. Classes start at 8 but nothing wrong with lingering in the hallways waiting for the teacher to get their. Go through the usual and then leave at 1230.

1230p(school day) heading home from class and getting some lunch and making dinner for my mom and kid, before I go to work.

230p(school day)I'm leaving for work..to deal with the same thing stated earlier but now at a different time.

330p(work day) Im leaving work and going home to help my kid with her homework or even study my school work as well. Begin to get dinner ready and clean a little if needed

530p(work day) Eat dinner and then jump in the shower. The rest of the night is usually time with reading or watching TV, or bugging the hell out of the family

1130p(school day) Im getting off work and heading home to settle down take a shower and try to cope with all the funny crap that my day has been filled with. My head is focused on getting to bed.

12 midnight- Im off to bed. That is the latest I fall asleep.

Looks like I have a busy life but its repetive to a T. Is your day like that. Or are you not brave enough to let us all know how truly nuts you are?


rainbow 11!
Hmmm... My day:

Wake up at 4.
Watch TV for an hour before getting dressed.
At 5:20, I am ready to leave and I take all of my stuff into the living room.
6-Eat Breakfast and possibly fight with my sister.
6:45 Get on bus.
7:15-Go to class (A Day-Latin, Personal Fittness, English, Drivers ed. B Day, Journalism, Biology, World History, Geometry.)
Talk to friends in Latin- Sit and read the period in Journalism
*Next Period.* Read/dress out for gym-Bio-Do work and read when given time
*Lunch* Sit with the Happy Circle on both days. Have fun, make fun of Tina, play catch with a bottle, throw bottles...
English-Talk with friend Candice, WH-Talk with other friends from The Happy Circle.
Geometry-Do work ahead of the teacher, DE-Sit and do work and read when allowed time

2:15 go to locker and grab stuff for homework, leave. On the bus- fool around with Candice and Jessica, talk to dead animals to annoy bus driver.

2:45-Home. Act cold towards parents and for the most part, ignore them. Do homework, watch TV(if bored), go on the computer and talk to friends. Go on here. Play DDR, eat a little bit before taking a shower and going to bed.
"Too complicated to explain"

aka, I don't want to type out the really long sequence of events that makes up my day... I severely doubt anybody would really want to read it even if I did.
Here's an overview: Wakeup, go out, do things, come home, sleep. Eating takes place occasionally. Things are all inclusive.


Ms. Malone
I don't have one! My days consist of being glued to either my PC and browsing on FC and on Tokyo Pop looking for decent music vids to watch, or writing on my laptop.

Unless it's a Thursday...then my routine is broken by driving lessons ^_^


For a Free Scotland
Random and unknown.

I am somewhat a creature of habit, but primarily I introduce chaos into my life for the sheer hell of it.

LOL.. thanks you all for replying I feel so special to not be the only one that has a mundane way of life. Ah well its up to me to change it!!!But I have to get through the time of routine first....


A Darker Knight
My day is usually...

wake up at 7:30
get ready and get on the bus at 8:05
get to school 9:00-4:15
come back watch TV from 5-7 and do homework, get on comp, etc.

weekends for the most part I do my homework and if I have spare time, I'll probably go watch a movie or somthing


Mine is pretty normal -- do different things every day -- but fits into the same time schedule.

6:00 - wake up and do the daily morning business
6:45 - 8:00
- Check e-mail (personal, business, school, work) and reply.
- Write To-Do list for the day.
- Update online and offline calendar of events
- Breakfast and read news, blogs
By 8:30 I'm out the door, or walk into my cozy home office (which I have setup at parents' home and my own place).

10:30 - 12:00
Think about what needs to be done for tomorow, what I did today make little notes on those YELLOW STICKY THINGS and post it on my desk so when I wake up tomorow I can incorporate them in my to-do if needed.

I am usually very stressed and at the tip all the time -- this sort of contributes to my anger problem. I am actually in the process of getting that fixed through learning how to meditate and stuff (I just never seem to find time to do it though).


Certified Shitlord
My summer days are highly uneventful. Usually it's wake up around 9-10 and then play games/surf FC/call friends/walk around town for the rest of the day. It pisses me off because these past summer months are the longest I've gone without a job, so I'm broke and I want to go back to school.

In a nutshell, my routine is very much in need of a change right now.