A couple short stories.


Creeping On You
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The Wave

"Hey mom, how much longer till we get there?" I yelled up to the front of the caravan that was making it's way along the mountain path

"It's just around the bend!" She shouted back down the line

And sure enough, just as the sun was starting to get blotting out by the advancing tidal wave, the caravan circled around an array of boulders. Nestled in the crater from an ancient meteor strike was a towering glass structure. Walkways and catwalks rising up nearly as tall as the circle of mountains surrounding it. This was the safehouse that we'd been searching for. When news of the rising sea and the imminent tidal waves which threatened to flood the land came to our village, we had set out in search of this tall structure. It was our hope to live her so that the waves wouldn't kill us.

We made our way into the crater and were greeted by a strange man in a long brown coat. He led us into a glass stable where we stored the oxen and the carts. Several muscular men came and unloaded our supplies onto the elevator and I watched as everything we owned rose up into the sky.

As we made our way from the stables to the base of the structure, the wave was no longer in the distance. It seemed like you could reach out and touch it.

Seeing the look on my face, the strange man spoke up "Don't worry, the worst we have to worry about is getting a little wet. The mountains around us will stop the water. We'll be our own little island in the middle of a watery abyss"

Somehow it didn't do anything to ease my apprehension.

Soon we were settled into our rooms, and my mom was busy cooking something on the stove. It smelled like some kind of meat but I hadn't taken time to look. My attention was on the approaching wave. It was coming and coming fast. I didn't understand how no one else could be worried. Such a huge wave couldn't possibly be stopped by such small mountains. However, I guess in such a dire situation, where there really is no hope, people hold on to whatever hope they can grab onto. What point is there in worrying if there isn't anything you can possibly do.

My attention was diverted from the window as my mother called out that dinner was ready. I sat down at the little table in the room and looked down at my plate. It turns out that my mom was cooking fish. It struck me as slightly ironic that we were eating something we were about to become. Dead fish.

I took my plate and went to sit by the window so that I could watch the wave still. As I sat down, idly chewing on a bit of fish, I saw that the wave had reached the mountains. The fish caught in my throat as I saw the mountains get swallowed by the wave. From a distance, the wave looked like it was the same size as the mountains, but up close, the mountains were miniscule. The wave didn't even slow as it went past. My fork fell from my hands as I stared out the window, my eyes even with the top of the wave. Suddenly, the flight instinct kicked in and I turned yelling to my mother.

"Grab onto something, NOW!"

She looked startled, but then she saw past me to the window. Almost too late, she grabbed onto the ornamental post that decorated the entrance into the kitchen. I had managed to grip the old fashioned radiator that was bolted to the floor just as the wave crashed into the structure. There was a giant shudder, and I saw my mother fall for a second before she was able to grab onto the pillar again. It seemed to be over before it even started. Once the shuddering stopped, I relinquished my anchoring and peered out the window. The wave was gone, but in the distance I could see another coming fast. The crater was completely flooded in, and the water was still rising as the next wave approached.

I knew that the next wave would flood the level my mother and I were on.

"We have to go higher mom, lets go" I commanded.

She let go of her pillar and came with me out the door of the room. To the left was a series of catwalks and stairs and ladders making their way up higher. For some reason, I hadn't noticed these when we'd arrived at the structure, but I thanked the gods now that they were there. We hurried over to the first ladder and started climbing.

Once we reached the top of that ladder and started along a catwalk towards a set of stairs, the next wave hit. Everything shuddered, and my mom almost lost her balance and fell off, but I was able to grab her in time. The shudder didn't last long and we continued on our way. I could feel the mist of the frothing water just below our current catwalk. Another wave was coming fast, not to far behind the last and I urged my mother to go faster.

The next wave got there just as we got to the top of yet another ladder. Thankfully we were high enough for the wave not to get us, but they were getting closer and closer.

We rushed along another catwalk to a ramp that went up to another catwalk. We came to a set of stairs that had been damaged. A few steps had crumbled and cracked and fallen away leaving one big cliff like step. Since I was stronger, and would be able to pull my mom up, I had her boost me up so I could get on top. It took awhile, but I was able to get up.

The delay proved to be very disastrous. I reached over the ledge and grabbed onto my mother's arms to pull her up. Just then then next wave hit. I watched my mothers face cringe in pain as the force of the wave and the icy cold water rushed into her. Her hands were torn from my grip as I watched her get swept away with the wave. I watched in horror as she tried to swim in vain as the under current pulled her under. The last I saw of her was a few splashes and a couple bubbles and then she was gone.

I cried out in anguish, but logic prevailed and I turned to ascend the rest of the ladders and stairs. But when I turned, I saw that the concussion of the last wave had destroyed everything else. I could go no further. I stood there on my little island of glass, the water rising above my ankles as the wind caused by the waves swept my hair. I stared at the next wave as it came rushing towards me. This one seemed to come slower, almost as if to taunt me. To laugh in my face. I could just imagine the water speaking.

"I'm going to enjoy this so much. That last one was so tasty"

I screamed in rage and anguish. A beastly roar. It was cut off as the wave crashed into me. I felt water rush down my throat for my mouth had been open. My arms and legs were numb instantly from the cold of the water. I couldn't even swim. I could feel bubbles rising along my face as the last of my breath was expelled. I felt myself being pulled under into the darkness. My conciousness fading away. Darkness. Nothing.


Here's another short block of text I wrote a while back. I do that sometimes, just write a couple pages long story just to excersise my creative muscle.

A Better Bad Day
The chair was made out of wood, and metal. It wasn't that comfortable, but at least it was sturdy enough for me to lean back a bit without fear of it breaking. I'd spent many an hour in this chair during the last year.

Mrs. M liked to use this chair as a sort of time out. If you didn't finish your homework, you had to sit there. You weren't allowed to participate in anything that the class was doing. Thankfully for me, I was already a couple months ahead of the rest of the class as far as learning was concerned. Not that it put me any further ahead in the social ladder. I was still the bottom rung.

It didn't matter who was climbing the ladder, or whether they made it to the top. I was always the first to get stepped on, on their way up. Alex was one of these individuals who was trying to make his way to the top. He'd just finished asking Mr's M a question about the current assignment and was on his way back to his seat. He decided it would be funny to kick my chair as I was leaning. To the amusement of the class, and the annoyance of the teacher, the chair slid out from under me, and I smoked my head on the desk behind me on the way down.

I saw more stars than the milky way holds. Mrs. M, completely unconcerned for my well being, started nagging. "Get up off the floor! Just for that, you get to spend the afternoon there as well."

The whole time, the class was still laughing and laughing. As usual, I was picked on and tormented, and somehow I got in trouble for it too. As if, somehow, it was my fault that they were stupid. Alex had succeeded, he had gained the approval of his classmates. I just worked at clearing the fuzz from my vision. I pulled up the hood on my sweater and put my head down on the desk. Not trying to sleep, but simply trying to zone out, and block out the jeers and laughter coming from the class.

I thought back to the previous night, and the reason I hadn't been able to finish my homework.

Yesterday had been like any normal day. Eight hours at school, putting up with the name calling, the shoving, the ignorance of the teachers to it all. That day had been a little less hectic. Dean hadn't been at school, and so most of the shoving and random punches hadn't taken place. I got off the bus at home on the end of the in an unusually decent mood.

As I was walking to the house, I noticed a pile of scrap would that my step father had most likely brought home from work. I had one of those sinking feelings in my gut. I knew for sure he was going to want me to denail all the boards tonight. All the other times he brought home this junk wood, I was stuck spending hours in the evening, pulling out nails until my hands blistered. Then he'd give me gloves and make me keep going till it got dark. Meanwhile, he sat inside eating toast with jam, and watching one stupid movie after another.

So I walked in the door, and there he was, standing at the kitchen counter, buttering some toast. I could see the jar of jam beside the stove, on top of which the butter slathering was taking place.

He looked up, and said 'Get outside and denail that wood. I need it done tonight so we can go stack it in the shed tomorrow'.

I replied 'Yah, but I have homework to do though"

"Well, you should have done it at school then. You don't have time to do it tonight" He replied

"Ummm, they don't give you time in school to do homework. They assign it at the end of the day, hence the name HOME. Work. And I have lots of time to do it if I don't denail the boards. School should take priority." I shot back.

"You tell that teacher of yours that you can't do homework. We have chores to do around here, and if you're dilly dallying around with some freaking book, none of them will get done. Now put your bag down, and get your ass out there and start denailing." he yelled

"FUCK!" I said, tossing my bag down hard and turning to storm off outside. "Now I'm gonna be in the fifth grade forever because of you!" As I turned, and started putting my shoes back on, I heard it. The sound that made me wince before even feeling anything.

It was the sound of him stomping up behind me, his hand formed in to a punch. At this point in the game, he was already starting to stick hitting me in places that no one could see the bruises. He was treading lighlty because of the whole child family services fiasco back in 96 where they came in and took my two little brothers because of my complaint about my step dad hurting me. Typical CFS, take the children first, ask questions later. Anyhow, I digress.

So there I was, flinching and readying myself for the onslaught. The first punch took me from behind and sent me sprawling on th floor. As I scrambled to get up to my feet and face my attacker, he hit me again on the side of the head.

PAM! He smoked me a couple more times, always on the head, so no bumps or bruises wouldn't be visible. After a few more swings, when I was duly cowarding., he shouts "Now get out there and take the nails out of that fucking word."

Who's going to argue with the big fat man who just used you as a punching bag? I went and started denailing the wood. It got dark, and I still had a good dozen boards to go. He made me stay up late to finish all those boars

Needless to say, my homework never got done that night and that's why I was sitting in this chair, waiting for another one classmate to come up and make fun of me. I didn't mind. In comparison to some days, this was a good day.
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