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A complicated situation.


Registered Member
Okay, so this girl at school and I are friends

I don't like her friends,
She doesn't like mine.

Whenever she wants to talk with me, I'm busy.

I like her, and I know she likes me, but I'm too busy, and I'm afraid that she'll just go crazy and yell at me with the typical woman stuff "We never talk" bla blah blah.

I like here, but its akward. How do i handle this situation.


yellow 4!
You have to make time for her. You can't really have a functioning relationship with someone if you're always too busy for them. Anyway, maybe you should be focusing on whatever it is you are busy with and hold off on the ladies for a bit. If the case is different, as in, it's hanging out with friends that's always taking up your time, well then like I said, make time for her. There is no other way really.


the fact that you don't find some time for her means you don't like her as much as you think.
it's impossible to not even have 20minutes a day for her...because, simply, you make room for other things/people in your life but not her.

you just need to understand how important she is for you...that's all you have to figure out..
as a beginning, according to the importance you give her, you should find some time do dedicate her.


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I have 20 minutes a day, just not 20 minutes in a row.

Schedule is wake up at 6.
Get to school at 7:30
Class at 7:45
Lunch at 11:30
Class resumes at 12:00
School over at 3:00
Jazz band at 3:15
Percussion at 6
Home at 8

She leaves by the time Jazz Band is over, I gots no time!


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I say abandon ship. You're setting yourself up for disappointment.

Girls like that make the most awesome friends you can have. Don't worry about starting a relationship with her until the situation presents itself. You might make a lifelong friend out of it.

Not every girl is meant to be your girlfriend.


Sally Twit
If you like her and she likes you then you need to make time, dude. She'll get tired of you avoiding her all the time soon and find someone else. How would you feel then? Stop with the "I don't like her friends" bullshit. If you really like this girl then it shouldn't matter who her friends are. Grow a pair and ask her out. If you don't want to do that then at least speak to her.