A Cold Sentence


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A man was sentence to be homeless for 24 hours because he stole a Salvation Army Kettle. During his 24 hours of being homeless, he was being monitored with a GPS system and he tried to keep warm but staying in public buildings. I think the judge should of made his sentence to 48 hours so that way he has to beg for money to buy food. Sounds mean but homeless people go through that. I hope that guy really learned his lesson and that he will never do something like that again.

'I have learned my lesson,' says Lake County man given homeless sentence


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That's a good judge, he decided to show that guy how the homeless people feel and who he was stealing from.


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Interesting, much better than probation.

I think if the privileged realize what the poor actually endure, a lot more progress regarding social welfare and income disparity would be made.


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Very nicely handled. I agree with this sentencing. It should have been longer though. The jerk needs to learn a lesson from this. 24 hours of not going indoors wouldn't really be that bad. The people he stole from go weeks on end at times... :(