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"A Burden Pondered If Truth or Lie"



I wrote this when I had alot on my mind...

"A Burden Pondered If Truth or Lie"

What is true, who are who, are you who you are
Linked, bound to fate, chained to destiny
destroyed by sin, cleansed by god, born of flesh
To see great distances within an eye
To hope for peace, to go into war
to see the worst, the best, and you
to know the beginning, to live the middle, and to see the end
If I'm a lie, what is the truth
If I should die, would I've had lived
What to see in you, in heart, soul, spirit, and mind
To see the void, to see a miracle
To know the end, to hope for peace
If one should fall, who will rise
Who are you, behind the mask,
must you hide truth from fact,
can you see the end?


Mhm.... It has a lot of philosophical thought. Great Job.
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