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A bit of color [PICS]


Lion Rampant
Drop in the Bucket

Forbidden Planet

Kaleidoscope in Oil

Flying Circus Flags

Insanebow (April 7)

A Bit of Color



Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Love the pictures, Tuck, especially Drop in the Bucket! That one would make a great desktop wallpaper, my friend. You should consider uploading it at a site like InterfaceLIFT: Wallpaper sorted by Date , it's a place with some great scenery wallpapers that just come from people's personal photography being uploaded. I'm a big fan of the site, and some of your pics would fit right in.

Good job, man.


Sally Twit
'Drop in the bucket' is absolutely fantastic. Definitely my favourite.

All are very good. I can definitely imagine these in an art gallery.


Registered Member
Very beautiful photo's Tucker, and something to be honest I did not expect from you. I like "bit of color" the best, but as I say, they are all very beautiful. I am happy you shared these.


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Tuck, you definitely have an eye for photography. I always enjoy looking at the things you've snapped. The Circus Flags and Kaleidoscope in Oil are my favourites out of this bunch
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Lion Rampant
Thanks a lot, you guys, for the generous comments. Taking pictures is a creative outlet for me, of the type that helps keep people grounded. But my enthusiasm for it has been low; my output, rather puny. With every batch of pics I put up for GF's amusement, I wonder if it'll be the last. This positive feedback makes me think otherwise.

@ Lauren - rep spread, sorry. You know you're awesome.

Also, a note about the last picture: that rundown building stands on the grounds of the infamous old mental institution, Metropolitan State Hospital, where the worst criminally insane in California's system are brought to be entombed alive. To get the pic, I knelt down (those wild shamrocks are about 8" tall) and shot through a chain link fence topped with masses of coiled razor wire. So, call it a Psycho house of sorts, at definite odds with the foreground flowers.

Also also, a special keepin'-it-real thanks to Becca "Babs" Beetbindar for the amazing initial spark of inspiration. Semper Fi.


Registered Member
Oh man those are so cool! You should never stop shooting pictures, those are amazing! =D Thanks tons for sharing them!